Survival 101: Winter Survival Kit – Car

Everyone needs a small survival kit for their car, and enough for the driver and all possible passengers:
2 liter bottle of water (don’t leave the water in the car!)
2 MREs – the food and water will provide most of the heat you need
2 space blankets or a space blanket tube
sleeping bag
med kit, including any vital medications you require
portable saw
550 cord
defensive tool (gun, taser, mace — whatever you feel is appropriate)
tinder (small jar full of vaseline-soaked cotton balls)
hat and glove (unless you carry them with you)
half a dozen tea lights
2 BIC lighters
strikeable flint
small bag of kitty litter
tow rope (10,000 lb)
booster (battery) cables
flashlight with SOS function and lithium batteries (they tolerate the cold below 0 deg F)
spare batteries for the flashlight
cell phone with a car charger (always keep it inside your jacket to keep it warm)
As for clothes, you need to wear enough that you can walk a mile in whatever weather you’re driving without any significant degradation in temperature or health. That includes any fleece pants and wind/water-proof shells you need to protect yourselves from the elements.

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