Why Socialism ALWAYS Fails

Venezuelan shopkeeper before and after socialism. Hey, it would greatly curb obesity!

This is what happens when a society fails to learn the lessons of the past i.e. history. They repeat it, much to their own detriment. Socialism has never worked, and Venezuelans are finding this out the hard way.

I really do NOT want America to find itself relearning these lessons the hard way because blitheringly idiotic Demoncraps and libtards were TOO STUPID to learn these lessons the easy way, from history. And NO, you’re NOT going to be able to “get it right this time.” That’s what they’ve always said throughout history.

The problem with socialism is that it’s based on the false premise that 100% of the people will do 100% of the work. In reality, 20% of the people do 80% of the work. The rest are leeches. The Bible even addressed this 2,000 years ago when it said, “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.” – 2 Thess 3:10. Socialism fails because 80% of the people wrongly believe others will pull their share of the workload, and that unrealistic expectation.

Again, because socialism is based on a false premise, it will NEVER work.
That condition isn’t limited to mankind. It’s found throughout LIfe itself, be it animals, plants, fungi, protista, bacteria and archaea. There are 55,000 known species of chordata (backbone) alone, with 1,525,000 extant species, ALL of which share the same characteristic that completely and utterly negates socialism.

That characteristic? Energy Conservation. Life EVOLVED to conserve energy. It did NOT evolve for organisms to expend more energy than is absolutely necessary. Indeed, even in humans, excess expenditure of energy is an abberation. More than 80% of humans simply do not, will not and probably can not spend more energy than is necessary for their own survival.

And no, neither ants nor termites nor bees are socialists, either. The have very similar hierarchies as mankind, very similar to a Feudal State, except they’re physically altered during their development as pupae in order to fulfill their adult roles. One CAN make a king from a pauper, but it is very, very difficult and almost always unsuccessful. It is far less successful to turn life-long under-achievers into society-wide overachievers required for socialism. At best, all you’ll get is 20%, and that’s not socialism. That’s capitalism, communism, fascism — any number of government and economic systems, but you’ll never achieve socialism from the population at large.

Even if you murdered 80% of the population, you STILL wouldn’t achieve socialism, as even the top 20% would strongly resist working more than what each considers their fair share.

Finally, there’s the fact that of all 132 UN member states, NONE of them are socialists. There are only four categories: 1. Absolute Monarchy: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Vatican, etc.2. Constitutional Monarchy: UK, Australia, Canada, Norway, Kuwait, Sweden, etc.3. Republic: US, Austria, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Russia, etc.4. N/A: Libya and Yemen (both are a mess!)
Furthermore, both monarchies and republics are either ceremonial or executive.

What’s true of humanity 2,000 years ago is true of humanity today and will be true of humanity over the next 2,000 years, as well. Socialism will ALWAYS fail.

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