Why I Do What I Do

A high-school friend of mine recently asked me why I chose to make politically-charged posts on my Facebook page.  Here’s my response:

Oh, no!  I post my fair share of warm fuzzy stuff, too.  🙂

My predilection towards political posts is simple:  There is a massive effort on the part of money/power-grubbing foreign influences to undermine the rights and freedoms we enjoy here in the United States of America.  More than two dozen Congressmen are members of the Communist Party.  Hundreds more are socialists, having bought into the idea that so long as they rule, they can work us to death, raising taxes through the roof under one guise or another, while they live a life of luxury and we barely scrape by.

Some countries such as Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands are successfully maintaining their “corporate knowledge” and avoiding these traps.  Other countries, including the U.S., have been so dumbed down over the years half our population is incapable of distinguishing the difference between a political party and a totalitarian movement, even though the movement is bleeding all the signs of it left and right.  They gush on about seemingly “beneficial” programs like gun registration without taking the time to think it through, realizing the worthlessness of the program, that criminals won’t comply, and the law-abiding citizens who own firearms will now be profiled by an administration with a proven track record of hostility towards the Constitution.

I and well over 100 Million Americans would much rather learn from history than repeat it’s mistakes.  Lord willing, we will.  Unfortunately, there’s a very large number of politically illiterate people who haven’t a clue as to how flagrantly they’re falling into the same traps employed by the likes of most dictators throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

For example, do you recognize this quote?  “This year will go down in history.  For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration.  Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!”

Think about that for a minute, as you realize what gun registration accomplished in Poland immediately prior to World War II:  It got more than 20,000 registered gun owners killed.  Most of them were veterans of the first World War, but many were lawyers, doctors, and influential businessmen who opposed Hitler’s rise to power and his brand of socialism.

If you guessed that the author of the quote was Adolph Hitler, murderer of more than 20 Million people, including 6 Million Jews and as many of his own countrymen who opposed him, you’d be right.  He said that in a speech in 1935.  Firearms registration has preceded EVERY totalitarian rise to power over the last 200 years, and has very rarely happened without resulting in totalitarianism.

Meanwhile, the systematic communization of America was little more than a list of actionable items in 1962.  Today, more than 90% of that list has come to pass.  The media and largely socialist-infused education system touts all the flowery benefits while ignoring and outright suppressing the rights and freedoms their measures have robbed from Americans, including the right to keep a decent percentage of their wages.  Such rhetoric appears in school textbooks from grades one through nursing and medical school (no, I’m not kidding – ask me and I’ll send you a link).

So, in a nutshell, most of my posts are political because America has been largely stupid, and is repeating the mistakes of the past, mistakes which allow rich men of power to make themselves even more rich off the backs of the people, and often at their peril, freedom, even life.

I would encourage you to follow this link to our nation’s own Library of Congress, and re-read the Declaration of Independence.  Think about why they declared their independence.  Then, think about where we are as a nation, today, just how close we are to that same edge.

Most people in Congress who voted for Obamacare did not read it before they passed it.  Pelosi even said, “We’ll have to pass it just so we have time to read and understand it.”  I did read it, all 1,000+ pages of it.  The last 50 pages are the most startling, as they’re the blueprint for socialist-based totalitarianism imbedded within a mandatory, government-run health-care system.  Most people haven’t a clue their health insurance premiums will skyrocket by more than 50% under Obamacare (between 17% and 135% according to the finance whiz kids), or that *gasp!* the bottom 35% of Americans, financially speaking, won’t be able to either afford or be eligible for Obamacare at all.

It’s all there in the fine print.  Too bad most of Congress didn’t bother to read it before passing it.

As for being a good writer…  Aye.  I’ve received a lot of feedback over the last two years, but instead of letting it go to my head, I’ve simply chalked it up as a gift from God, who gives all people various talents and gifts.  I was a pretty good navigator, even won some awards.  To me, that was a gift God gave me and I ran with it.  Writing is the same way, and I’m running with it, too.

A fine Christian recently summed up the sentiments held by myself and hundreds of millions of Americans.  Dr. Benjamin Carson’s spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast.  He’s a wonderful speaker, and Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins University.  You can listen to his speech, here.

Listen to it and you’ll know where and why I, a born-again Christian, am using the talents God gave me in support of our nation’s Christian heritage, standing firm against the powers of this world which are at this very moment trying to topple our country.