Who’s Shaking the Jar?

A friend posted this today:

Obviously, Mudstream Media is shaking the jar, and the “why” is simple: Ratings. The higher their ratings the more money they can auction off their commercial time slots. Their love for money has eclipsed their ethics. Sometimes, reporting the truth is dull. Sometimes, reality is dull. All the time, however, People NEED to hear the TRUTH.

Sadly, Mudstream Media opts for ratings-generating fiction created most often by telling only part of the truth i.e. DECEPTION, a flagrant if not heinous violation of the trust of the American people.

However, Mudstream Media aren’t the only ones shaking the jar. The OTHER force behind the jar-shaking is political, with politicians and non-politician but strong political forces in the background attempting to create confusion to fuel what’s called the “Fog of War.” This fog muddies loyalties, dilutes unity, and hides people’s nefarious actions and activities. At some point, most people give up. Megyn Kelly did when she proclaimed something along the lines of, “I don’t know what’s going on any more. I used to be able to tell the difference, but these days, it’s become increasingly difficult. Even I can’t tell the difference, often.”

As for this meme’s three choices in apparent opposition, I’m going to make a statement about each. Let me know if you think I hit the nail on the head:

Liberal vs Conservative: All political parties have something to offer humanity i.e. mankind. Some have more to offer than most. Then again, what some parties are offering these days is pure poison, like lead that tastes sweet or sugar that clogs your arteries. As it’s not only worked well for our nation for 244 years but has also been adopted by more than a third of countries around the world, I fully support the Constitution for the United States of America along with political parties which ACTUALLY follow it. Republicans usually do, and while Demoncraps pay it lip service from time to time, they usually don’t, unless it serves their diabolical scheming and party agendas. Libertarians are as split on the Constitution as they are on many other subjects, which is why there aren’t many Libertarians in this world.

Black vs White vs any and all other colors: There is no “vs” about it. We are all human beings, one species, homo sapiens. Time we act like it.

Pro Mask vs Anti Mask: If your answer to this question is based upon belief or opinion, you’re already wrong. It’s an issue of medical science. Do masks work or don’t they? How do we know this for a fact? What proof is there? If they do work, then how and why? What can be done to make them work better? What other procedures can we use in conjunction with mask wear?

Fortunately, the science on masks is real, it’s very extensive and it’s absolutely rock solid. Read up and learn something new, like how the “mosquitoes through a chain link fence” analogy is about as far away from reality as J. R. R. Tolkein’s Hobbits. Yes, fun creatures, Hobbits, but they remain entirely fictional, same as the “mosquitoes through a chain link fence” theory.