Which Party is Better for State and Country Fiscal/Economic Health?

While researching information on State Budgets per Capita vs Political Party Affiliation, I discovered that the State’s overall economic health is moderately correlated by Political Party at 30.9%.

I assigned 1 pt for each of the positions of Governor and the two Senators as a quick determination of the overall political affiliation of each state. Some, like Nebraska, are 100%, whereas others like Pennsylvania are at 33%, or 67% (Kansas), or 0% (Minnesota).

Next, I used S&P’s Credit Score for each state along with the state’s Budget per Capita to calculate a Combined Fiscal Health Score for the state. For each, I created Stanine scores, then weighted S&P’s Credit score by 30% and the Budget per Capita rating by 70% to achieve a combination score.

Finally, I correlated the Party Affiliation with the Fiscal Health Combination score.

CONCLUSION: Republican governments are SIGNIFICANTLY more likely to result in a fiscally healthier state, as evidenced by both a better S&P Credit Rating AS WELL as a significantly lower budget per capita (and lower taxes per capita).

Thus, if you want a healthier economic future for yourself, with a brighter employment outlook, lower taxes, and better business performance, whatever you do, do not EVER vote Demoncrap.

VOTE REPUBLICAN! Your PROVEN path to a brighter economic future!!!

Updated: October 18, 2020 — 3:21 pm