When You’re Attacked…

I cannot identify this particular incident without giving away certain privacy act information.
Here’s what I can say about it:  Whilst I and the rest of my high school youth group were singing songs unto the Lord, a PCP-hopped (VA police revealed evidence) slammed open doors, literally flipped tables from floor level to some 12 foot height and more than 17 feet beyond (I measured it).
Prior to that point, we were all kind of, “Wha…”
We watched as he entered our circle, shouting all sorts of crap against “you people playing your Christian songs,”that he’d had enough, etc.

He had already entered the large worship room, and all of us were on the defensive. We railed against him forcibly entering the room.  Some of us wrestled him to the ground.  Some of us secured the group to hidden corners.  Some of us interacted with 911 services.

ALL of us dealt with this, and while interesting, it was NOT FUN.  So, let’s LEARN from it so that the likelihood of this ever happening again is SO less likely that

Grace People:   Please send your recollections to me.  Thanks.

I will soon publish a conglomerate in a mini-book form, and will make it available to all, provided all parties agree do it, including the perp himself, under Virginia state law.

Otherwise, it will remain a mostly secret based on obscure references.

Here’s a thought, Grace people, let’s stop this crap in the bud.  I was there, helped wrestled this offender to the ground, called 911 repeatedly to elicit help, helped move most people to our churches hidden chambers…

Why haven’t I had a say in this guy’s court hearings?

I was there.  I saw and experienced everything.

 – Steve
Forrest:  (enters the room)…  Pick it up from there..

I’m writing a book, so if you have input, I want to hear from you.

Somewhere in Northern Virginia, there was a Christian Youth Fellowship organization…

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