We KNOW how to secure the schools – WHY AREN’T YOU LISTENING???

Anyone who has ever worked at a bank, guarded a military arsenal, flightline, or transportation yard, arranged security for kids on a field trip, or lifeguarded pools KNOWS how to secure schools so this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. Thing of it is, we’ve known this for decades, and some schools in our nation are VERY secure. They’re not prisons. The physical, human, and procedural protections in place keep bad people out. SO, here’s some questions, libtards:
1. Since we know how to secure schools, why was the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT NOT SECURE???
2. Since we know how to secure schools, why was the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL NOT SECURE???
3. Since we know how to secure schools, why was the Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, TX NOT SECURE???
I’ll tell you why: Because properly securing schools, as has been successfully done throughout the United States, requires, among other things, ARMED GUARDS. These ARMED GUARDS can be law enforcement officers fulfilling their duty as School Resource Officers, armed security, or armed teachers. By far the cheapest solution are carefully selected and trained armed teachers under the supervision of a School Resource Officer who floats between schools.
The problem with liberals, however, is that their “no firearms under any circumstances” policies leave our kids vulnerable. Liberals are like Jar-Jar Binks saying, “Meesa give up,” the perfect target for the mentally disturbed mass shooters.
Since those of us who have been trained and tasked with securing high-value assets have long known how to secure those assets, why is mainstream media listening to children who have NO SUCH TRAINING OR EXPERIENCE???
Do you want to solve the problem, or not? Every indication you’re providing says, “Not,” which raises the question as to how culpable the media has been by failing, if not outright refusing, on how to properly secure our children.
So long as the media refuses to listen, it’s likely schools will continue to ignorantly put our children at risk.  Do not let them!  They’re YOUR kids, not the media’s.

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