WARNING to ALL “Fact-Checkers”

More than a thousand statisticians observed not merely statistically improbable events during the election, but statistically impossible events on the order of a teen leaping to the Moon under his own muscle power.

I AM ONE OF THEM, C-SPAN, Washington Post, and Facebook “Fact”-Checkers so DO NOT sit there and presume to tell me, an accomplish academician with three degrees, two in science, two at the masters level, both with concentrations and in both of which I graduated summa cum laude, that Trump’s attacks are “baseless.”

THAT IS A LIE, and you are PERPETUATING Demoncrap LIES while intentionally being COMPLICIT with their MASSIVE ELECTION FRAUD.

If you wonder why people no longer trust the news, it’s because we’re tired you LYING to us.

Now, MAYBE, just perhaps, you’re regurgitating the information you receive without knowing how to PROPERLY fact-check it.

Perhaps your reporters never studied engineering, physics, chemistry, aviation, finance, management, statistics, and project management. That’s okay. I would expect reporters to be heavy in the sciences.

BUT I AM HEAVILY educated and experienced in the sciences, as are millions of other Americans, and we’re sick and tired of your IGNORANCE, not to mention your GROSS MISREPRESENTATION OF THE FACTS.

There is MASSIVE evidence of fraud. It’s OVERWHELMING. If you can’t see it, then you’re IGNORANT, BLIND, DELUDED, CONFUSED, or worse — you’re COMPLICIT in the FRAUD.

We the People WILL NEVER relax until ALL FRAUD HAS BEEN ROUTED!!!

Updated: January 13, 2021 — 8:55 pm