Veep Speeches – Biden vs Pence – a Critical Analysis

A friend referred to Biden’s speech as “The most important political speech of our lifetime.”

I wholeheartedly disagree, and for multiple reasons, not the least of which include Ronald Reagan’s aforementioned 1987 “Tear Down This Wall” and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 1963 “I Have A Dream” speeches, both of which were given in my lifetime. Other “best of all time” speeches outside our time frame include John F. Kennedy’s 1961 Inaugural Address, Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and George Washington’s Farewell Address.

A few days ago, I watched Joe Biden’s DNC 2020 speech in its entirety. Later, I sat down and watched it again while reading the transcript and occasionally pausing to take notes.

This morning, I watched Mike Pence’s RNC 2020 speech in its entirety. Later, I again sat down and re-watched it while reading the transcript and occasionally pausing to take notes.

Today, I reviewed both transcripts, comparing notes involving a multitude of criteria, including claims, facts, form, structure, relevance, organization, types of appeals, and both poignancy and depth of content.

Regardless of whether you use a simplistic organization such as introduction, body(temporal, cause-effect, spatial, topical, compare/contrast, mix) and conclusion, or a complex, 26-step process crafted by PhD with post-doc work in Communications from an Ivy League school, I found the two speeches to be strikingly dissimilar.

Here is what I observed:

I observed greatness.

I observed a love, respect and deep concern for both God and Country, not to mention our fellow man.

I observed both an appreciation and understanding of key elements in our nation’s history, as well as the history of mankind.

I observed truly God-given humility and servitude.

I observed a keen capacity for objectively noting a number of shortcoming’s in a president’s personality, style, and approach, while maintaining an appreciation for the many non-political, actionable game-changers brought to the table.

I observed an astoundingly focused understanding of our country’s place in and interaction with all others in our world, as well as a welcome determination to keep our involvement in foreign affairs to a healthy and effective minimum.

I observed a reverence and steadfast appreciation for law and order with which all law-abiding American citizens resonate.

I observed an appeal to fact, and the resulting call to make decisions based upon fact rather than rhetoric.

Throughout it all, I observed a clear and substantial knowledge of and wisdom concerning the efforts of the opposing party to use every trick in the book to win at any cost.

I observed none of those things in Biden’s speech. Rather, I observed quite the opposite.

I’m referring to the speech given by Michael Richard Pence, the 48th Vice President of the United States of America, at Fort McHenry.

Finally, even a cursory semantic analysis of Biden’s speech clearly reveals he was not its author. Biden neither speaks nor writes in that manner. Not even close. It was also clear he had more than a few practice readings before the teleprompter.

While Vice President Pence may also have used a ghostwriter, the text echoes — resoundingly — the nature of the man, Mike Pence, and history of his speeches. Moreover, Vice President Pence’s delivery was given live, before a live audience, yet he managed to #walkaway with less than one-fifth of the verbal errors committed by Biden during his best studio effort.

Comparing the two speeches side by side reveals there’s very little to compare. Both the text and presentation of Vice President Mike Pence resoundingly trumps that of Joe Biden.

Don’t take my word for it! YOU decide. Watch both speeches and see for yourselves which one is better. Most importantly, however, please note WHY: