VCDL Lobby Day – Richmond

Virginia Citizens Defense League posts a complete description of the event, what, where, when, how, etc.

If you care about your gun rights in the slightest then it is vital that you show up at this rally!

Some very wise words of caution from Senator Amanda Chase. Please read and heed, and no need to precipitate violence. As she clearly mentions, we already having standing for a fight in court. Please double-click to view her full-sized post:

If you’d like to join her fight against tyranny on Facebook, please do so!

Some other pertinent information:


As to her final message on Sunday, the day prior to the event, I wholeheartedly CONCUR. The United States of America cannot afford to allow anti-Constitutional tyrants into our midst. ABOVE ALL ELSE, the supreme Law of the Land MUST be held INVIOLATE.

Good luck, Virginia, and MAY GOD BE WITH YOU.

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