USA Today Caught Grossly Manipulating Pew’s Report on Trump’s Global Approval

Who cares? He’s not their president. He’s ours. Furthermore, most of the world has been infected by the socialism bug, anyway, so much so they’re no longer qualified to render an opinion on a conservative leader of a sovereign nation.
When you’re the big kid on the block, the other kids automatically despise you. They decry your advantages, rail against your improvements, and applaud your weaknesses because a weakness for you is an advantage to them.
What they don’t realize or choose not to acknowledge if they do realize it is that when America does well, everyone does well. When America’s economy tanked in the 2000s, so did the world’s. When it skyrocketed in 2016 immediately following his election, so did the world’s.
Put simply, the world is stupid enough to hate that which is good for them because either A) They didn’t think of it or do it themselves and are angry and jealous; B) They’re so steeped in socialist mentality they think America should be divesting the fruits of its hard labors and giving it away to everyone else i.e. them and even though we are, it’s not enough so they want more; C) They know they screwed the pooch big time by letting in millions of illegal aliens, want our own country to suck as bad as theirs, and get angry because we’re tightening our borders rather than making the same mistakes they did.

Finally, the article was published by USA Today, a hugely liberal, anti-Trump RAG, so they cherry-picked Pew’s report like the deceptive Demoncraps they are, particularly when they lead off with the patently false, “President Donald Trump is deeply unpopular across the globe.”

Horse hockey.

Here’s what they missed in the Pew Research Center’s article, “Trump’s International Ratings Remain Low, Especially Among Key Allies

“Even though America’s image has declined since Trump’s election, on balance the U.S. still receives positive marks – across the 25 nations polled, a median of 50% have a favorable opinion of the U.S., while 43% offer an unfavorable rating.”
That’s actually a great deal higher than American’s opinion of Congress!!! People tend to have a dim view of their politicians. Very few are held in high esteem. So, taken in context, and compared to the last three presidents, Trump is doing just fine.
“In Germany, where just 10% have confidence in Trump, three-in-four people say the U.S. is doing less these days to address global problems, and the share of the public who believe the U.S. respects personal freedoms is down 35 percentage points since 2008. In France, only 9% have confidence in Trump, while 81% think the U.S. doesn’t consider the interests of countries like France when making foreign policy decisions.”
Translated: “You’re not giving us free stuff so we’re not happy with you.” Well, tough cookies. We’re not the world’s grandma and you shouldn’t expect us to be an easy touch. If you’re giving away free stuff to your own people, then that’s YOUR choice, YOUR policy. Don’t confuse your policies with our own. As for personal freedoms, the actual respect level is WAY UP. Sorry, but criminals, including illegal aliens, don’t have “personal freedoms.” They have rights under the law, which we will certainly respect as we process them for deportation.
“Critical views are also widespread among America’s closest neighbors. Only 25% of Canadians rate Trump positively, more than six-in-ten (63%) say the U.S. is doing less than in the past to address global problems, and 82% think the U.S. ignores Canada’s interests when making policy. Meanwhile, Trump’s lowest ratings on the survey are found in Mexico, where just 6% express confidence in his leadership.”
First, Canada only likes the U.S. when we give them free stuff.  After all, it’s Canada.  Look who they elected as their Prime Minister.  Trudeau is so far left he makes Pelosi and Feinstein look like hard right-wingers.
Second, of course we ignore Canada’s interest when making policy.  Canada is its own country.  Make your own damned policy.  And stop gouging us on trade tarrifs.  Jimmy Carter is right about your lumber tariffs.  Canada has a 270% duty tariff on dairy.  Let’s be fair, “Canada maintains these advantages over American producers not because of more efficient lumber production or superior technologies, but because of the subsidies they receive from their government.”  When the United States of America makes policy, we focus on our interests, not Canada’s.  We’re on to the way Canada creates unfair trade through government subsidies and they’re not happy about that.  Too bad.

“Around the world, publics are divided about the direction of American power: Across the 25 nations surveyed, a median of 31% say the U.S. plays a more important role in the world today than it did ten years ago; 25% say it plays a less important role; and 35% believe the U.S. is as important as it was a decade ago.”

This clearly says 6% more people around the world say the U.S. plays a more important role in the world today than it did ten years ago.  Furthermore, Pew’s article contains graphs which clearly show the U.S. isn’t the pariah USA Today makes us ought to be:

Bottom line, USA Today’s article clearly attempts to drive a wedge between U.S. voters and conservatives immediately prior to the Fall 2018 elections.  That’s it’s only motive:  Politics.  It wasn’t to information.  It wasn’t to discover.  It wasn’t to accomplish anything one might find on the list of “Right Things to Do In Journalism.”  Rather, it was simply to divide our country, an attempt to drive a wedge between We the People, a nation who voted for Donald J. Trump in 2016 to be our President, and Trump himself.  I’d say that meets no criteria of journalism at all.  USA Today’s article is nothing but propaganda.

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