UN Arms Trade Treaty – NO MEANS NO

Spencer Durrant’s article is pure hogwash. Before any treaty is valid in the United States of America, it MUST pass the process clearly and incontrovertibly mandated in Article II, Section 2 of U.S. Constitution:

The President can NOT make any treaty unless ALL of the following occur:

1. He must obtain both the advice and consent of the Senate.

2. Two-thirds of the Senators present must concur.

3. SCOTUS has ruled that “present” means in regular session. Obama can’t call a few senators into his office and say, “more than two-thirds of the Senators present concurred.”

4. NO treaty which violates the Constitution has any validity whatsoever in the United States. It is null and void.

Since the UN Guns Treaty violates the the U.S. Constitution’s mandate that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” it’s dead in the water. It DOES NOT MATTER than John Kerry signed it. It DOES NOT MATTER than Obama backed it. Neither one had any authority whatsoever to bypass Constitutional mandates with respect to treaties.

This isn’t a case of “act first and ask permission later.” The answer from We the People is NO. Ours is a government “of the people, by the people, for the people,” and THE PEOPLE SAY “NO!”

In fact, 87% of Americans REJECT this proposed treaty. The U.S. Senate has voted it down by a substantial majority on several occasion.

NO means NO, Obama.
NO means NO, Hillary.
NO means NO, Kerry.
NO means NO, United Nations.


Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms STANDS.

For more detailed information concerning the state of affairs on this issue, please see my first article on this topic:

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