U.S. Government Reform is VITAL to Our Nation’s Future

After reviewing every aspect of our nation’s government over the last seven years, including countless detailed reviews of every aspect of our Constitution and its Amendments, and while comparing our government to the highly successful governments of other nations, I’ve come up with four areas ripe for improvement.  These four areas are VITAL to our nation’s future.  No one likes to hear the words “government reform” any more than they like to hear “business change” but both are absolutely necessary given the changing nature of the world in which they operate.
1. Term Limits: 8 years for the President; 12 years for all members of Congress, and 16 years for Supreme Court Justices (Congressional Representatives would get a maximum of 3 terms, and Senators a maximum of 2); You need to have at least some people in office long enough to provide continuity. This concept applies to every ongoing concern from military units to businesses. You should never, however, allow people to become entrenched, as it encourages cronyism while stifling reform. A gentle but steady turnover encourages people dive into the books, in this case, our Constitution. It encourages innovation while discouraging “empire-building.”
2. End Governmental Careers. It’s one to three terms of public service, NOT a career. The term limits above would be a start. An additional measure would be NO PENSIONS. They already receive excellent salaries, and should receive a 10% contribution towards a 401k or IRA of their choice, as well as medical care while serving. Afterwards, they will rejoin the land of the working, perhaps the best incentive yet for getting things right while in office. This will help discourage candidates whose only talent, apparently, lies in getting and staying elected.
3. Massive Campaign Reform. Candidates should be allowed to put whatever they want on their party’s website, or on their own website, for that matter. They can make public speeches to their heart’s content ON THEIR OWN TIME AND DIME. This includes incumbents. NO MORE CAMPAIGNING OR TRAVELING WHILE CAMPAIGNING ON PUBLIC FUNDS. That’s NOT why you’re in office, and it’s an ABUSE of the system. Any candidate abusing these provisions would be severely punished, primarily by immediately disqualifying the individual from running for office as determined by a 2/3 vote in Congress. Candidates would be free to give interviews but MAY NOT pay for any publicity, either directly or indirectly, on any news service broadcast, web, print, publication, print, or wire. Their own website and/or the party’s website – THAT IS ALL. Any party officials found guilty of violating these provision will be guilty of a felony and will be imprisoned for three years, and may not have any campaign-related contact with anyone during their prison term.
4. Basic Job-Specific Qualifications. I’m sorry, but you can NOT run a country in the modern world without a background in business. Furthermore, is it too much to ask that our nation’s leaders be in possession of a masters degree?  It’s required for every middle and upper management job in corporate America.  I think not. Therefore, either their undergraduate or graduate degree (or both) would have to be in business. Whether it’s a B.S. in Finance, a B.A. in General Business, or an MBA doesn’t matter. Gotta have something which required you to study math, economics, finance, accounting, management, and other disciplines related to running a viable economic concern.  As we’ve clearly seen over the last five years, “community organizer” DOESN’T CUT IT.  We have enough ignorants and quite a few idiots in Congress.  Our nation can NOT afford to indulge the practice of putting unqualified people in office.

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