Today Was a Shameful Day in Washington

Today was a victorious day for the American People!  The rights bestowed on us by our Creator and recognized by our Constitution were UPHELD.

Yet Obama said this was a “shameful day for Washington.”

For once, he got it right.  Not because they failed to uphold our Constitutional rights.  But because Obama was “visibly angry and frustrated” as a result.

It was a shameful day for Washington because the man who purports to be our President falsely accused the NRA of lying to the American people.  I’ve been over the NRA’s claims hundreds of times over the last year.  I’ve YET to catch them in ANY lie.  Meanwhile, I’ve caught Obama in THOUSANDS of lies.

It was a shameful day for Washington because Obama cites “polls showing 90 percent support for universal background checks” while ignoring polls showing 90 percent of the people are against gun control.  It’s a shameful day in Washington because Obama masqueraded his gun control efforts as “universal background checks.”  Even Harried Reid, the Democrat Senator from Nevada, said the bill contained too much of Obama’s “gun control.”

Most days are indeed shameful ones for Washington.  We still have a man sitting in the White House who has no legitimate Constitutional claim to that seat.  He’s still telling lies left and right while pointing fingers at everyone else, playing the childish blame game in his attempts to throw the spotlight off his own deceptions.  Our Congress failed to have the guts to do what was right by the American people and impeach this anti-Constitutional imposter the first time around.

Yes, indeed, Mr. Obama – so long as you remain in the White House, doing what you do, it is indeed a shameful day in Washington.

But not today.  Today is a day for triumph, not shame. 🙂