Tiny Homes and 3D Printed Homes – Cheaper and Better Than Traditional Construction

Traditional builders continue to reject and exclude both Tiny Homes (usually built by their owners) and 3D Printed Homes from within city tiny homelimits, citing all sorts of made-up CRAP, including FALSELY claiming the technology is “immature” and “won’t hold up over time” or “under severe tiny home - cottageweather conditions.”

I think Traditional Builders are DINOSAURS and it’s high time cities give their equity-robbing souls THE BOOT.

In FACT, 3D printed homes correct many of the problems associated with traditional homes, including avoidance of materials that warp and degrade over times. Unlike traditional homes, their shapes are highly resistant to wind, are far stronger than traditional construction, and far less expensive.

In FACT, Tiny Homes solve many of the problems encountered with mobile tiny home homes, most notably, cost and resale value, as a good Tiny Home costs, on average, about a third the cost of a mobile home, and they’re being resold for two to three times the cost of materials used in their construction.

Smaller? Yes. However, they do NOT waste space, as do traditional homes. They’re far cheaper, stronger, more unique, more comfortable, and generally a HUGE step in the right direction.

What do you think about Tiny Homes and 3D Printed Homes?

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