The True Cost of AOC’s Green New Deal

The Power is in the People who will vote her out of office because she’s a JOKE. She claims to have an economics degree, cum laude no less, yet can’t for the life of her figure out where the MASSIVE funds will come from.

Heck, she can’t even do basic math. Follow me, everyone:9.4 million dairy cattle + 31.7 million beef cattle = 41.1 million cattle.

60 million buffalo – 41.1 million cattle = 18.9 million MORE cow farts in the early 1800s than we have today.

18.9 / 41.1 = 46% MORE cow farts back then than today.

As for her “Green New Deal,” estimates from reputable analysts say it could cost upwards of $93 trillion, and by “upwards up,” that’s usually a good indicator that it will cost AT LEAST that much.

Again, let’s walk through this:
$93 Trillion / 328,595,431 = $283,023 for every man, woman and child.

That’s a HOUSE, people, which fewer than half the people in the U.S. can even afford. AOC wants us all to live under the 9th Street bridge.
But it’s more than a house, because we do not all live in our own houses. When it comes to households, given the fact we average 2.2 people per household here in the U.S., it’s closer to $600,000 per household.

That study was done by the former director of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

AOC claims it’s not about cost, but return on investment. The problem with the Green New Deal is that it’s like asking a company that makes $21 million a year to invest $93 million in a project. Sorry, but companies just don’t do that. EVER. The reason is simple: Not only do they not have the capital, but they can’t raise the capital, either.

Similarly, SORRY, but our country doesn’t HAVE $93 trillion. We’re still operating under a deficit due to bloated government spending, so that’s about ? (infinity) years worth of net income. Furthermore, companies invest a percentage of their gross income on projects, and it’s usually not a very large percentage. $93 trillion divided by our $20.891 trillion GDP comes to 4.5 times our gross. Not our net, but our gross.

When nations fund very large projects, those projects are small percentages of their GDP. The entire Apollo Program, the single costliest peacetime project in our nation’s history, still only cost $127 billion in today’s dollars.

That’s 0.6% of GDP. But AOC said, “This is our World War.” Let’s examine that claim…

“Adjusted for inflation to today’s dollars, the war cost over $4 trillion and in 1945, the war’s last year, defense spending comprised about 40% of gross domestic product (GDP).”

That’s STILL just 19% of our GDP in today’s dollars. But the Green New Deal is 445% of our GDP.

That’s not “our World War.” That’s more than 23 World War IIs, combined.

Yes, people, you heard me right: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ Green New Deal will cost more than 23 TIMES the entire cost of World War II.

Just ONE World War II was a MASSIVE, MASSIVE undertaking. It literally bankrupted our country. And now AOC thinks we can somehow “afford” to shoulder an endeavor 23 times more expensive than World War II?

She’s insane. Either that, or she’s grossly incompetent and her minor/concentration isn’t worth the piece of paper upon which it’s printed.

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