The Thwaites “Doomsday” Glacier Hysteria – IN PERSPECTIVE

Yes, its surface speeds exceed 2 kilometres per year (1.2 miles per year) and has been since we first began studying it. In fact, glaciers have been retreating for the last 21,000, since the last glacial maximum, when the oceans were roughly 130 meters (425 feet) lower than they are today.

You didn’t think it was just going to continue flowing all the way to the equator, did you? Of COURSE it’s going to melt. Furthermore, if they only discovered it in January, 2019, how would they know the underwater cavity “with an area two-thirds the size of Manhattan” “formed mostly in the previous three years?”

Tropophobia aka Metathesiophobia are DSM psychological conditions associated with the irrational fear of changes. Specifically, it is a persistent, unrealistic, intense anxiety about and fear of new or different situations, circumstances, or objects.

Change is NORMAL, people, even Climate Change. Anyone who has ACTUALLY studied the climate (vs merely “global warming”) knows the oceans are 50 feet higher today than since mankind invented writing, and well over 400 feet higher than they were during the last glacial maximum.

They WILL get a little bit higher – you can count on it! Kindly take that into consideration when building very long-lasting structures near sea level.

As for just how high, that depends on when the next ice age begins. We’re about due.

The IPCC’s estimate of sea level rise is 3.3 mm/yr over the last 25 years (5th Report). Now, contrast that with the 1.65 mm/yr over the last 8,500 years and the 6.19 mm/yr over the last 21,000 years (since glacial maximum). But those rates are NOTHING compared to Meltwater Pulse 1A!

The melt rates over the last 21,000 years have NOT be constant, ranging from nearly flat to 50 mm/yr during Meltwater pulse 1A (MWP1a), the name used by Quaternary geologists, paleoclimatologists, and oceanographers for a period of rapid post-glacial sea level rise, between 13,500 and 14,700 years ago, during which global sea level rose between 16 meters (52 ft) and 25 meters (82 ft) in about 400–500 years. Sea level rise was roughly zero for the 500 year period immediately following MWP1a.

If mankind had been a little more evolved around 14,500 years ago, can you imagine all the hoopla and “sky is falling” syndrome that would have surrounded sea level rise rates that were FIFTEEN TIMES GREATER than they are today?

Seriously. 15 TIMES greater. Derived from 50 mm/yr / 3.3 mm/yr = 15.15. Even so, that’s still ONLY half an inch per year, and during a time when most enclosures were built in times ranging from hours to days. Current rates are a foot per century.

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