The Senselessness Behind How We Treat Our Service Members

“The few of us who are brave enough to face the horrors of war while protecting our rights and freedoms should NEVER have to worry about their rights and freedoms being denied them when they return.” – Anon

The weight of the world - and hope crushed.

The weight of the world – and hope crushed.

Soldiers often feel the weight of the world on their shoulders as they fight our war.  Can you imagine how they must feel as they’re told, “we trusted you with these rights and freedoms before you left.  Now that you’ve proven you’re worthy, we’re going to take those rights and freedoms away from you when you return.”

This is the madness our soldiers face.  Not from the enemy.  Not from within themselves.  But from elitist politicians who’ve never been to war, never seen war, yet ask our young ones to go fight their battles for them, only to pull the rug out from underneath them when they return.

They fight for the rights of all American, only to come home and discover they now have to fight for their own rights, as well.  No one was watching their back.  While they were fighting on foreign fronts, under unimaginable conditions and against formidable enemies, we were under conditions of 68-72 deg F, with 30-45% relative humidity.  The only enemies we faced back here were decisions about whether or not we were going to watch a sitcom or a horror movie.  The thought of writing our Congressman in support of our service members or their rights never even crossed our minds.