The Rag-Tag Rabble of Demonrats

Had a tiny minor accident this evening. I was pulling into the Safeway when a woman driving a red car was pulling out. Problem is, she was exiting via the entrance side of the lane.
I stopped.
Fortunately, a couple of toots on the horn brought her to a stop, as well. She simultaneously turned her head forward as she applied her brakes. That explains, in part, why she was using the wrong lane. She had been looking behind her. WHY she was looking behind her remains a mystery. It was also fortunate the bumper to bumper contact was barely felt at all. No damage.
That didn’t stop her from jumping out of her car and claiming I was in her way because she was turning left and she had the right to be in the left side of the exit.
Yes, one of those.
I didn’t bother arguing, but just looked at the bumpers. They weren’t even touching, but they had bumped. Zero signs of damage.
When I turned back to get into my truck, she said, “Are you evening listening to me?”
“Sure,” I replied. “Heard every word.”
“I’m calling the cops,” she said, pulling out her phone.”
“Good.” I crossed my arms.  “They’ll give you the ticket.”
“Why would they give me the ticket? You hit me!” she screeched.
“Well, for one, I’m not driving on the wrong side of the road.” I swept the scene with my hand. “Whereas you’re driving on the wrong side of the road.”
“I was not!” she screamed. “I was making a left turn!”
By this time her passenger had exited the vehicle and said, “I’ll back her up. It’s two against one.” Scaredy cat stayed on the other side of the car. “What do you say about that?”
I pointed to the rooftop cameras pointing right at us. “I say those cameras will tell law enforcement, when they arrive, a far more accurate story.”
They quickly got back in their car and left, but shouted obscenities as they pulled away.
As I noted their license plate, I couldn’t help but notice something else, a rag-tag bumper sticker that read…

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