The Left’s Silencing of the Lambs

Do you remember the NY Teacher who popped up in the news because he refused to cow-tow to his school’s insane indoctrination of its students:

In his essay, Rossi says his school:

“Like so many others, induces students via shame and sophistry to identify primarily with their race before their individual identities are fully formed.”

Dorman, S. (4/17/2021). Teacher who decried NYC school’s ‘indoctrination’ put on remote work: ‘Feels like punishment.’ Fox News. Retrieved from:

Prior to Sunday’s letter, Rossi had told the Daily Mail that he was put on remote work out of safety concerns. The school’s communication officer also reportedly told the Daily Mail that Rossi wouldn’t be fired or punished for his article.

“I am writing in response to the letter that you sent over the weekend to my colleagues,” Rossi wrote to Davison on Monday.

“Grace’s public story — the story it is telling to the press and to its own community — has been very different from what you have told me. In light of your statement that my essay ‘contains glaring omissions and inaccuracies,’ and in support of those who will inevitably be scared into silence by seeing the price I am now paying for speaking up, I am compelled to share what you have told me in our previous conversations.”

Dorman, S. (4/20/2021). NYC instructor ‘relieved of his teaching duties’ after criticizing racial ‘indoctrination’ of students. Rox News. Retrieved from:

Their response: Fired, and with a pathetically thin excuses and false claims.

In face, even the Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism — FAIR — affirmed, “Grace Church says Paul Rossi misquoted him. It doesn’t sound like it. Listen to these clips.”

Bottom line: Rossi’s concerns about anti-racists going overboard and demonizing white kids is both real and legitimate, and both GCS and Head of School George Davison are backpedaling, attempting to limit the damage they themselves have caused by their profoundly ignorant stance by firing and now demonizing Rossi himself.

Ladies and Gentlemen of America, you are witnessing the America’s Silencing of the Lambs, and by all the Demoncraps, libtards, progresssssives and would-be-brain-dead socialists and communists on the planet. They think they know better than what has worked exceptionally well over the last quarter of a millennium, not only here in these United States of America, but in many other countries as well.

I’m not saying don’t innovate. I’m saying STOP pushing our nation towards the same “ideals” that nearly destroyed the world several times over throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. “Socialism?” “Communism?” Talk about absolutely horrendous steps backward!!!

Two new communication modes are emerging in western culture today–an elusive silent muzzling induced by political correctness and fear, and an accompanying rage when repressed people ultimately explode. This subtle silencing occurs now in “polite” public conversations. I feel the gagging more and in my own life, except among my closest friends and family. And the raging–We see it erupting at political rallies, in Target stores, on freeways, on reality shows, and in face to face confrontations on media. Civil discussions are dying. Behold the silencing of the lambs.

It’s usually brutal authoritarian governments who terrorize their citizens into silence. Talk to older generations who grew up in communist regimes, and you’ll hear a passion for the precious freedoms most of us have taken for granted much of our lives. Too many places around the globe today incarcerate dissenters, even civil dissenters who speak in quiet calm voices and use reason to persuade. Ask them what it’s like to live in silence and fear. They would give their lives to live in freedom and some of them have. But we are losing ours, and like oblivious frogs trapped in warm water that’s now simmering, many of us hardly seem aware of it. BLOGS. (May 20, 2016). The silencing of the lambs. Retrieved from:

It’s time to STOP THE MADNESS. Free speech is our nation’s most incredible achievement! Any and all attempts to silence the opposition are the BANE of progress, especially when such attempts are used to silence those who are attempting to improve our world.