The Faulty Premise

I have watched this 9:35 video in its entirety:

Before I render my option, let me tell you about my background:

I am a polymath: An aviator, author, systems analyst and data scientist. I have studied many fields and mastered a few. Where dozens, if not hundreds of other Air Force officers before me managed 65% scheduling or sortie rates, I “SOMEHOW” managed rates in the 80%’s and 90%’s. The more complicated the data, the more I soared ahead of everyone else. I once adapted an Inventory Optimization algorithm to help me create an Opti-Max solution for a very complicated scheduling problem, and when the three-day scheduling conference began, I was done in 93 minutes, having achieved a 93% sortie scheduling rate by 9 AM. After three days, none of the other 22 conference schedulers exceeded 75%. Most were in the 55% to 70% range.

I am a technology

I’m THAT good with finding and analyzing data, far outpacing the Academy grads, at least the mathematicians and engineers who made it into the world of military aviation. By no means are they slouches. It may be because I have a tendency to focus on problems longer and more deeply than most, and I have what appears to be a somewhat rare knack for using seemingly disparate tools to tackle complicated problems.

I’m also plugged into data sources all over the world. The RAW stuff, unfiltered by anyone else’s analysis. I recognized the big, “Uh oh” on COVID-19 back during the middle of January, on the 10th, in fact, two weeks before President Trump formed America’s Coronavirus Response Team on the 24th and announced it a few days later to the public on the 27th. This was long before Mudstream Media was on it.


(1) It was entirely natural. Coronaviruses have been coming out of China’s cesspool of poor food and health hygiene far longer than we humans have known what coronaviruses even were. SARS-CoV-2 virus isn’t any more virulent than other coronaviruses. It’s just that in some humans, it’s many times (35 to 60) more deadly, causing a cascading over-response of a person’s immune system that floods the lungs while destroying the surface alveolar tissue.

(2) It’s genetic pedigree is undeniably well-known, having been gene-sequenced by now more than 500 completely separate and distinct, objective genetics labs in more than 120 countries all over the world. They are ALL coming up with the SAME answer as to its genetic history, and they are ALL corroborating it’s slow mutation (so far as viruses go) into its now many strains. By March 30, there were 8 strains. Since then and as of a few moments ago, we’ve seen 3,104, all distinctly and genetically pedigreed back to 19A, the first SARS-CoV-2 positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus contagious in humans traced back to Dec 6, 2019, with a date confidence interval from October 13, 2019 to December 22, 2019.


(3) Labs all over the world have been funded by many countries for DECADES as a means of detecting and countering both natural and weaponized outbreaks.

(4) Pelosi, Cuomo, Lightfoot, Cantrell and others just aren’t bright enough to coordinate anything more than their wardrobe. If they were, they wouldn’t be involved in Demoncrap politics. Rather, they just STUPID, using stunts like their February outings and encouragement to “take in a movie” as a way of trying to pull the rug out from beneath President Trump’s initial disclosures on the virus. Naturally, when that backfired because the virus proved to be real, they backpedaled, accusing President Trump of “not doing enough.” They sure capitalized on it, though, shutting down everything except their own pie holes in an attempt to scuttle President Trump’s OUTSTANDING economy before the election while trying to blame it all on him.

But being some kind of “brains” behind this? “Manufacturing” the virus?

Nope. Here’s WHY:

Hanlon’s razor is a saying that reads: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. In simpler words: some bad things happen not because of people having bad intentions, but because they did not think it through properly.

(5) Moving infected elderly into nursing homes wasn’t malice. Again, it was STUPIDITY. Their thinking was nursing homes would be better able to handle the unique care of the elderly. Again, they didn’t think it through, that doing so would decimate nursing home populations. Again, Demoncrap STUPIDITY.

(6) Floyd’s death wasn’t engineered. He was one of the 1 in 9.86 million people arrested by police every year, and one of the roughly 1,000 deaths by cops that should not have happened. That’s a 1 in 10,000 chance, but given the sheer numbers of arrests, these deaths occur about 2.73 times each day. Floyd’s case was merely egregious enough that both the media and politicians could spin it to their advantage. Of course they knew each other. City cops work small beats. Each cop literally knows several thousand people living under his or her beat. Heck, the cop probably leaned in extra long and hard on Floyd thinking he was tough enough to handle it. Either that or he didn’t like him and wanted to teach him a lesson or three by knocking him out. Wouldn’t be the first cop without integrity, and it won’t be the last. But such cops are indeed as rare as the 1 in 10,000 arrests that go bad.

(7) Resulting civil unrest: That’s just the Demoncrap-voting masses being stupid, but yes, Demoncrap politicians did nothing while Soros probably funded it.

The entire video is a clear example of what happens when you ignore Hanlon’s razor. The facts are correct, but…

(8) But, yes, Barr is investigating the allegations of Obama’s and the Deep State’s attempt to control the government instead of doing what politicins are SUPPOSED to do: Serve the People.

In conclusion, while the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 is indeed entirely natural, Demoncrap politicians have certainly used it to their advantage.

I very strongly advice you NOT buy into the fake narrative BULLSHIT woven into the video, however.

Falsehoods of any kind, nor from any source, will ever serve you, me, or the United States of America.

That was yesterday.

Yesterday I posted a long list of my responses to the faulty premises contained in a video. Today, someone asked me, “But what were the faulty premises?” I realized I’d provided answers while failing to actually identify and list the faulty premises.

I already penned a thousand-word treatise. In fact, each of the numbered paragraphs is a response to a faulty premise, but I’d failed to pen the actual faulty premise!

For each of the numbered paragraphs, here are the faulty premises:

(1) virus was man-made

(2) virus originated in the Wuhan laboratory

(3) funding Wuhan lab is proof its creation

(4) Demoncraps masterminded this vast conspiracy

(5) moving infected elderly into nursing homes was geronticide

(6) cop murdered Floyd intentionally; directed by the Demoncraps/Soros/NWO to do so.

(7) Demoncraps intentionally causing civil unrest

(8) Obama is the author of it all

Remember, the above list is NOT true. It’s a list of the faulty premises I observed in the video. I answered each faulty premise in detail in my 1,000+ word reply, above.

When you START with a faulty premise, you can cherry-pick supporting facts all day long that make it sound wonderfully plausible, but in so doing, you wind up with a faulty premise bolstered by only PART of the available information while the information you tossed out the window because it didn’t fit the faulty premise (pet theory) proves it wrong.

The only sane, rational avenue to a logical and correct conclusion is to examine ALL of the data, in context, and allow the data itself to determine — in its totality — the only logical conclusion. If there’s room for more than one logical conclusion, then you’re lacking data. Find more! If no more data is available, then rational decisions must be made about the totality of data you have on hand.

For example, if a guy’s fingerprints are on the murder weapon, twelve people place him at the crime scene, and he had motive to kill the boss who fired him, then he’s guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Isn’t he?

Except for the fact his doctor for the last 12 years was removing his hernia at the time of the murder…

Oops. Sometimes a single, verifiable fact can blow the entire “foregone conclusion” (a type of fault premise) totally out of the water.

That video is LOADED with faulty premises, then does a very slick job of cherry-picking supporting facts while ignoring both fact and reason that dumps its faulty premises into the river.

I highly recommend watching 12 Angry Men. It’s an absolute CLASSIC example of how the faulty premise (foregone conclusion) leads to errors in judgement, which leads to errors in conclusion, and just how likely human beings are to convict others before (and often after!) they’ve heard all the evidence.

Humans are absolutely chock full of cognitive bias:

If you think you’re immune, think again. I am by no means immune even though I’ve been studying the phenomena for decades.

So, should we just ignore it? Go on about out day as if it’s not there?

Heck no! We can ALL learn a thing or three about how improper thinking affects our judgement, and how to think through things properly so as to minimize our own biases.