The Fall of Mainstream Media

Mainstream media is dying. There exists a problem of epidemic proportions throughout the news industry, particularly among organizations like CNN, where all reader feedback and commentary has been shut down. In so doing, they have not only cut themselves off from invaluable feedback, but they’ve cut their readers and viewers off from multiple viewpoints, as well. Meanwhile, they’re adhering unswervingly to a decidedly agenda-driven narrative. As a direct result of their rather insane actions, they’ve blinded both themselves and their readers and viewers to reality.

This was demonstrated with an abundance of clarity on January 6 and the days which have followed as mainstream media broadcast wild claims of all kinds, very little of which bore any resemblance to the abundance of videos we have of all the events leading up to, throughout, and following the unlawful entry into the Capitol building.

In response to their madness, I penned the following:


In the last decade, Yahoo! and its affiliate “news” organizations have published articles with increasing political bias. In the Spring of 2020, they cut off all user commentary and feedback, an invaluable aid in maintaining both truth and accuracy throughout the news industry.

Today’s headlines were dripping, not merely with half-truths, misdirection and deception, but flat-out lies. The content of their articles weren’t merely “out in left field.” They weren’t even in the same universe.

Most modern news has committed the heinous sin of becoming its own counsel while ignoring all cogent input, thereby cutting off all ties to reality.

The solution is clear: Boycott Yahoo! including all of its news affiliates. Why would anyone want to fill their head with such sawdust?

To that end, I will be spending the next few days divesting any and all ties with Yahoo. To all mainstream media news agencies worldwide: If you’re going to close your eyes and ears to reality while believing in some wayward agenda with extreme religious zeal and fervor (yes, you most certainly are doing this), at least have the good decency God gave a rock and remain silent.

There is ZERO virtue in ignorance, and great irresponsibility in spreading it.

Updated: January 13, 2021 — 8:55 pm