The Boogaloo Movement

Now this:  “Accused Killer Of California Cops Was Associated With Right-Wing ‘Boogaloo Movement’ ”  Source


Oh, please! They may be several things, including both “criminal” and “stupid,” but they’re most certainly not “right-wing,” regardless of how they may refer to themselves, nor are they “extreme right-wing.” They’re not right at all. They’re just wrong.

Outside of H.R. Pufnstuf, I’d never heard of the term, “boogaloo,” much less that it was any sort of modern movement. Had to look it up! Here’s what I found:

1. “Since 2019, the term Boogaloo by itself has also been used as a catch-all phrase to describe a situation or great event that would require an individual or group to become self-reliant.”

Whatever.  “Self-reliant” is simply the the proper way to raise kids.  You can’t teach ’em everything you know, but you can and absolutely must teach them the basics, along with an enjoyment if not love for learning.  If you’re doing it right, somewhere between age 12 and 18 your kid will start telling you, “Mom, Dad — I’ve got this.”  Doesn’t hurt to keep asking them questions, though, like when my son first drove cross-country:

Me: “How far do you plan to drive each day?”
Son: “I don’t know, Dad. Until I get tired.”

Me: “Have you made reservations at a hotel?”
Son: “I’m sleeping in the car.”

Me: “In January? In Utah?”
Son: “Yeah, Dad.”

Me: “Here.” (I hand him my 20 below sleeping bag)
Son: “What’s this for?”

Me: “So you don’t die of hypothermia before reaching your destination.
Son: “I’ll run the engine and heater.”

Me: “And either run out of gas or die from carbon monoxide poisoning. Take the sleeping bag.”
Son: “Ok, Dad.”

Me:  “Now, show me your route.”
Son: “Why?”

Me: “So we know where to look for your body when you don’t make your destination.”
Son: “Why would you ever think I’m not going to make it to my destination?”

Me: “You mean aside from the fact you were planning on traveling through mountainous country half-way across the United States without a winter sleeping bag, much less winter clothing, including hat, gloves, fleece tops and bottoms, thermal underwear, heavy duty socks, water, portable stove, pot for melting snow, signal mirror, water purifier…”
Son: “Okay, okay, Dad. Sheesh! You make it sound like I’m going to get stuck in a blizzard!”

Me:  “Your mom and I got stuck in a blizzard for twelve hours.  Call her up and ask her about how we survived.”

Son:  (comes back after five minutes)  “She said you had all the right gear.”

Me: “That’s my boy! Now, let’s take 10 to 15seconds and come up with a decent plan, okay?”
Son: “Okay, Dad.”

Me: “Ok, first check the air pressure in your spare, along with the presence of your jack and jack handle, oil, transmission fluid, radiator fluid, windshield wiper fluid… And then, I want you to use this real, life, good, old-fashioned, tried and true, electricity independent printed map that you’re going to take with you, trace out your route, and write it down, along with basic major leg times. You don’t have to write out every city through which you pass. Just something every 250 miles, so you can plan to stretch your legs and get gas.”
Son: “Dad, I can go 330 miles before running out of gas.”

Me: “So you can! At which point you’re out of gas, which is why we plan to get gas about an hour prior to the point where we’d run out of gas.”

And so on.

2. “Often the reference attached to some outlandish thought or idea, often bordering on the absurd.”

Well, if they’re murdering people, then they’re certainly well beyond merely “absurd.”  

Absurd is my neighbor who was so overly cautious he mowed his lawn wearing long pants, boots, anti-snake-bite leg guards, goggles and a helmet. I certainly didn’t wear flip-flops, but shorts and a t-shirt worked just fine, and yes, I wore leather shoes and contractor’s safety sunglasses. Reasonable precautions. Not extreme, and certainly not absurd. If my neighbor had simply skipped the helmet, he would merely have been extreme.

3. “Participants often identify themselves as libertarian and say they are preparing for, or seek to incite, a second American Civil War which they call the boogaloo.”

Okay…  I identify as a conservative libertarian, but I will absolutely vote Republican.  As for “seeking” a civil war, only morons seek war.  Sometimes, however, trying to keep the peace against lawless aggressors can result in a civil.  If that happens, so be it and deal with the lawless aggressors who’re begging for it.

If that happens, however, call it what it is: civil war. Hiding it behind stupid terms like “boogaloo” is just, well, stupid.

4. “Adherents use the term boogaloo, including variations so as to avoid social media crackdowns, to refer to violent uprisings against the federal government or left-wing political opponents, often anticipated to follow government confiscation of firearms.”

Oh, like social media can’t search for and identify “boogaloo.” (rolls eyes).

As for uprisings against the federal (or any) government, provided the government is doing their job in accordance with the Constitution and for lower governments, state and local laws, there’s absolutely no call whatsoever for any sort of “uprising.” Sounds more like these knuckleheads are just another brand of lawless hooligans (ruffians, hoodlums).  Again, I refer back to immature child-adults who have yet to find meaning or reason for their lives beyond breaking the law.  Such “boogaloo bois” are certainly not right wing by any stretch of the word, regardless of their self-labels or misapplied media labels.

If you want a good definition of “right-wing,” look no further than the Official 2020 Republican Party Platform.  Whether you like it, agree with it, or not, it was adopted by the overwhelming majority of right-wing people in the U.S., and either self-labeling or media-labeling those who break the law as “right-wing” is highly deceptive, yet another tactic actual, real-world right-wing people eschew.

Bottom line:  These boys (they’re certainly not men) have nothing to do with bona-fide right-wing principles of following and supporting the law from the Constitution on down.

5. “According to Vice, although the boogaloo groups tried to position themselves as allies of the Black Lives Matter movement, they generally avoided addressing police brutality as a racial issue.”

I don’t know of any bona-fide right-wing group or movement that supports Black Lives Matter. I do, however, know many right-wing blacks who detest what Black Lives Matter is all about, and who support All Lives Matter, or even just Lives Matter, saying, “If you have to put a color in front of it, you’re racist.”

6. “Extremism researcher Robert Futrell spoke of the varied motivations of the adherents of the boogaloo movement who attended the protests, saying: “Some folks who identify as Boogaloo Bois share anti-police sentiments.”

That’s certainly not a right-wing position.

7. “Some are acting as self-appointed security, vowing to protect businesses from protesters.”

If I had a business worth protecting or a business asked me to protect it, I’d work with local law enforcement to figure out the best way of accomplishing that goal.

8. “Some say they’re monitoring the protests.”

I’m monitoring the protests. Thanks to cell phone footage, however, I can monitor things just fine from my living room, thank you very much.

9. “Some are white supremacists trying to antagonize protesters.”

Again, racism flat-out fails to jibe with anything “right-wing,” so please stop calling these ass-hats “right-wingers.” They’re not.

As for antagonizing protestors, I have absolutely nothing against legitimate protestors and support their Constitutional freedom’s of speech, peaceable assembly, and redressing the government for grievances.

The problem is that the overwhelming vast majority of “protests” in 2020 have quickly devolved into riots, arson, destruction, rebellion, and insurrection — NONE of which falls under the definition of protest.

I support the protests.

I DETEST the criminal activity, regardless of whether it’s conducted by BLM, AntiFa, Boogaloo Bois, Proud Boys, White Supremacist this, Black Supremacist that, etc.

10. “Posts in some online boogaloo groups called for their members to loot police stations and set fire to government buildings…”

The first are absolutely wrong and flagrantly criminal acts.

11. “..while some encouraged actions emulating the “rooftop Koreans”, a reference to Korean store owners who shot at looters from roofs during the 1992 Los Angeles riots.”

This latter is absolutely 100% in accordance with our Constitutional rights and freedoms to protect life, limb and property against criminal activity.

12. “There were a number of criminal incidents related to boogaloo adherents attending the George Floyd protests as well as a series of killings of law enforcement officers believed to have been committed by two men associated with the boogaloo movement who used the protests as a distraction to commit their attacks.”

Sounds like “boogaloo” and “hooligan” are merely different names for the same despicable gutter-trash criminals.

I could go on, but I think 12 points is enough to fairly firmly cement the fact that boogaloo hooligans are despicable creatures, at best, but perhaps not quite as despicable as would-be journalists who’re attempting to sully the good name of those of us on the right who who respect law and order from the Constitution on down by referring to anyone associated with the boogaloo movement as “right-wing.”

Regardless of what they call themselves, boogaloos are most certainly not “right-wing.”

Society of Professional Journalists:  SPJ Code of Ethics

Sadly, this mind-bogglingly stupid group is not only ending the lives of honest, law-abiding citizens i.e. MURDER, but it’s also destroying the lives of those STUPID enough to throw their lot in with them:

A US Air Force sergeant with links to the far-right Boogaloo Bois movement has been charged with the murder of a federal security officer in California, the FBI says.

Steven Carrillo is accused of killing David Patrick Underwood outside the courthouse in Oakland during Black Lives Matter protests last month.

He was already charged with the murder of another officer eight days later.

Damon Gutzwiller was killed in an ambush near Santa Cruz on 6 June.

Mr Carrillo, who is stationed at Travis air force base, was arrested during a subsequent confrontation.

He appears to have used his own blood to write various phrases on the bonnet of a car he stole, the FBI said, including “boog” and “stop the duopoly”.

“Boogaloo” is a term used by extremists to reference a violent uprising or impending civil war in the US, the FBI said.

Clearly, anyone with an IQ above 0 would do well to steer well clear of anything “boogaloo” and let the fanatics implode.

My condolences to the families who’ve fallen victim to these criminals.