An Appeal to the Students and School Officials of Virginia Tech

As a graduate of Virginia Tech, I entered the United States Air Force where I served as a rated officer with distinction and honor for 20+ years, retiring in 2009.
However, I remain deeply saddened by the unnecessary loss suffered by us all in 2007. Sadly, some people remain convinced that allowing adults to defend themselves on their own campus will “somehow” result in widespread slaughter.
Nothing could be further from the truth, as clearly evidenced by Colorado’s 14-year history of allowing students with concealed carry permits to carry on campus.
Had officials simply allowed the students to exercise their Constitutional rights, we might have upwards of 35 more Virginia Tech students alive today.
During my 20+ years in the Air Force, I lost five friends in aviation-related accidents, although none in combat. Given the very well-known and abundant statistics surrounding our nation’s — and Virginia Tech’s — long history of supporting and defending the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, I find it rather incredulous that officials continue to infringe upon students’ right to keep and bear arms by means of idealistic, yet ill-considered and proven-wrong “gun-free-zone” policy. Statistically speaking, people in so-called “gun-free-zones” are several times more likely to die at the hand of a mass shooter than are people who are in a place where the general citizenry is allowed to exercise their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.
I implore all of you, students and school officials alike, to reconsider this policy in the light of both fact and reality.