Ebola: Accident, or engineered?

The recent outbreak of Ebola in the U.S. looks like a perfect and possibly engineered segway to martial law, making horrible use of all those FEMA camps and their mass-body containers, excuse after excuse for Obama to enact many of his blatantly anti-Constitutional “executive orders” taking complete control over all utilities, water, food, and transportation, and […]

DUI Checkpoints and Safety Stops DO Violate Your Constitutional Rights

Do these checkpoints and stops violate your Constitutional rights?  Some say yes, some say no, and legislators, governors, judges, and lawyers abound on both sides of the argument. I have mixed opinions on this, but technically, these “safety stops” do violate the Fourth Amendment’s right against unreasonable search and seizure, as the blanket warrants under […]

Ferguson Police Deliberately Antagonizes the Media for Doing Their Job

The Ferguson Police Deliberately Antagonizes the Media for Doing Their Job Both Ryan Reilly, of the Huffington Post, and Washington Post reporter, Wesley Lowery, found their Constitutional rights being blatantly abused by Ferguson police.  The were illegally told to stop recording, in violation of a First Circuit Court of Appeals finding in 2011, which stated, […]

Our Brilliant Founding Fathers

Ignorant liberals errantly believe our Founding Fathers were barely out of the cave, living in crude log cabins. Nothing could be further from the truth. Before the ink on our Declaration of Independence was dry we humans had accomplished the following critical advances in science. A full 100 years prior to 1776, we had made […]

Commentary on the Las Vegas Shootings

While indeed tragic, this incident was incredibly and exceptionally rare. Blaming this on the political right wing, however, is like blaming the Manson murders on California. Those of us leaning to the right absolutely abhor criminal activity. Manson was a psycho. These perps were psychos. They are not representative of the political right in any […]

Hobby Lobby, the U.S. Supreme Court – Good, Bad, or Ugly?

GREAT NEWS!!!  As reported in this article, the U.S. Supreme Court finds that Obamacare can NOT force businesses to provide contraception for their employees if the business has a religious objection against doing so: “The justices’ 5-4 decision is the first time that the high court has ruled that profit-seeking businesses can hold religious views […]

Harry Reid (and other Dems) on Gun Control

Harry Reid (Dem-S-Nev) says, “We do need to put in place legislation that helps prevent these deranged, these weird, these evil people who carry out such savage acts of violence. Background checks so that people who are criminals, who are deranged can’t buy a gun.” I see several glaring problems with this: 1. Most psychologists […]