How To Infiltrate Demoncrap Networks and Get Them to See Reason

Yes, it’s a HUGE uphill challenge.  Most Demoncraps have been inundated with contrived news stories, tons of well-crafted lies, and volumes of misinformation from their primary brain-sucking news feeds for so long they’re no longer able to separate the chaff from the wheat, able to recognize right from wrong, what’s factual from what’s pure donkey kong, etc. […]

The Truth Is – East vs West DOES NOT MATTER

A recent article attempted to divine the difference between the way East Asians and Westerners look at the nature of truth.  The article claimed the viewpoints of these two groups are “polar opposites.”  It compared the Greeks’ “law of the excluded middle” with the Confucian “doctrine of mean.” The problem with the article’s “takeaway” is […]