The Trump Effect – Demystified

The Trump Effect includes many things, including — really — the ability to arrive at deals appealing to most sides. However, one thing President Trump has mastered is a basic economic principle which the vast majority of political science majors find confusing, foreign, or incorrect. However, it’s not incorrect at all. In fact, it’s simply […]

Why FairTax is Failing

FairTax is a great idea, but misses the target due to a serious misunderstanding of what actually motivates both individuals as well as corporations, not to mention Congress. Before I begin, let me introduce myself so you’re aware of my credentials and will focus on what I have to say. I am a retired U.S. […]

GE Pays No Taxes? Not So Fast! They Most Certainly DO Pay Taxes

The “GE pays no taxes” mantra is rock-bottom brain-dead stupid, fit only for those who don’t understand the first thing about corporate taxes. Let’s see if we can make some headway on this:Rule #1: If you make profits, you pay taxes.Rule #2: If you do not make profits, you do not pay taxes.Rule #3: Corporations […]

U.S. Tax Code: BROKEN – Time for the Fair Tax!

High Time for the Fair Tax:  Keep Your Entire Paycheck!  – Everyone Pays His or Her Fair Share  – Pay Tax Only on What You Spend  – The IRS is No Longer Necessary   Before we examine what is meant by “Fair Tax,” let’s first take a look at why it’s necessary, as well as […]

Open Letter from We the People

We the People of the United States of America have serious grievances against Barack Hussein Obama.  These grievances range from his own self-admitted ineligibility for the office of the Presidency to the many high crimes (felonies) and misdemeanors he and those he has appointed have committed while in office, most of which are grossly un-Constitutional, […]