Tiny Homes

I have longed to get out from underneath the exorbitant rent of an apartment and get into either a good, comfortable home that will appreciate in value, or into a good, comfortable tiny home that costs less than 10% of a good, comfortable home.

Here’s the best one I’ve seen so far:


  • Great openness/lighting with glass on both sides
  • Outstanding kitchen sink, prep, and cooking area, including full-sized refrigerator
  • Outstanding bathroom/wash area


  • Loft area can get hot throughout a sunny day
  • Dining area benches would be hard.  I prefer comfortable soft chairs
  • The entire unit looks to be seriously heavy

In the future, I will be examining more tiny homes, but for now, keep dreaming!

Future link worth exploring:  The most luxurious tiny home

Off-grid property considerations and Hobbit Home!

Table of Contents:

  1. Affordability – If it’s not affordable, you might as well live in a house!
  2. Trailerability – You can have your home, and take it with you — makes moving a breeze!  Good for occasional nearby camping, too.
  3. Roughability – Just how long can you live self-contained?
  4. Guestability – everyone needs friends!  But where to put them?
  5. Sleepability – A third of life is rest, so rest well (44″ of clearance in loft to sit up in bed); consider two lofts;
  6. Liveability – Min energy, max comfort and fresh air (conductive/IR insulation; A/C and Heat, and air exchange; plan for max heat (Phoenix / Las Vegas) and cold (Northern Alaska) ranges); ergonomics, incl IT desk and couch/TV/5.1 sound
  7. Cookability – Huge kitchen not required; adequate kitchen is
  8. Survivability – How sturdy, and how does one tie it down?  Rhino Liner over plasticised Kevlar honeycomb?