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We KNOW how to secure the schools – WHY AREN’T YOU LISTENING???

School Safety

Anyone who has ever worked at a bank, guarded a military arsenal, flightline, or transportation yard, arranged security for kids on a field trip, or lifeguarded pools KNOWS how to secure schools so this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. Thing of it is, we’ve known this for decades, and some schools in our nation are VERY secure. They’re […]

A Sensible Plan Towards Armed Teachers

Armed Teacher

20190526 Update:  This plan is not associated with either Laura Carno or FASTER.  I began this thread on February 4, 2013, about a month and a half after the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting.  I only learned about Carno’s efforts earlier this evening.  I will defer all further commentary until after I’ve […]