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Feds CANNOT Temporarily or Permanently Seize, Register or Prohibit Possession or Carry of Firearms

President Trump rightly is securing funding to secure our borders after Congress intentionally FAILED to do their JOBS. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi “said the move could open the door to future Democrats in the White House declaring a national emergency to force issues like gun control.” – Source NO, Nancy, you CANNOT seize […]

Democrats are Death Eaters

Death Eater

Today’s headlines read, “Democrats have become the party of abortion and euthanasia.” You know what Demoncraps are? They’re DEATH EATERS! In a bizarre twist of life imitating the silver screen, Demoncraps have, quite literally, become the party of DEATH EATERS: “Death Eaters are characters featured in the Harry Potter series of novels and films. They […]


I hereby present this May 10, 2019 direct copy of this section of the U.S. Combined Federal Regulations EN TOTO for the express purpose of supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic, particularly with respect to the recent actions of President Donald J. Trump, Special […]