The Failure of American Journalism

Ethical journalists do not begin with the conclusion. They begin with the facts, allowing the preponderance of the facts themselves to present the story that needs to be told.
Today’s journalists often begin with a faulty premise, largely driven by their political party. They allow themselves to be deceived into cherry-picking only those facts which support their position, or worse, failing to weed our erroneous or false information before going to press.
The term “mudstream media” is entirely appropriate.
Good journalists gather all the information, ranking it from most to least credible, not by their bias, but by the preponderance of the information, double-checking the facts, both to corroborate and to discount information through multiple sources. In a way, they act a bit like both prosecutor and defender in the public eye.
Presenting “both sides of the story” is NOT good journalism, particularly when one side of the story is full of holes, is only from “our sources,” or cannot stand up to rigorous scrutiny. The “equal time” doctrine amounts to journalistic FAILURE. It’s a failure in journalistic ethics, integrity, and reality. Furthermore, by merely lending an air of credibility to groups engaging in violence, if not terrorist tactics, bad journalists legitimize criminal behavior, thereby performing a grave disservice to society as a whole.

“The mainstream media is in a tailspin: TWICE in one day, CNN defended Antifa, and MSNBC can’t figure out why Trump’s approval rating is still solid. Perhaps it’s because your MSM colleagues are running cover for a domestic terrorist group, and the American people know that your nonstop negative coverage of the president is fake.”

Source:  Media Defends Antifa but Can’t Figure Out Why Trump Is Winning

MSNBC’s “fiscal curb” vs Reality’s FISCAL CLIFF

MSNBC refers to the FISCAL CLIFF as the “fiscal curb.”

While at the gym this morning, around 6:15 am, I was flipping through channels, looking for Fox News, when I stumbled across an MSNBC-orchestrated “panel of experts” discussing what was printed at the bottom of the screen throughout the entire show, the “fiscal curb.”

Is this uber-liberal show (I say “show” as they don’t report the actual news) trying to minimize this issue?  Oh, hell yeah.  Of course they are.

Even more deceptive, however, was their “panel of experts.”  They’re supposed to be leading experts in the financial and fiscal policy arenas, yet I’d never heard of any of them, despite being an avid reader of the Wall Street Journal, the Denver Post, Forbes, and the New Yorker, the latter of which is very well-known and highly respected for both its humor, as well as it’s “rigorous fact checking and copyediting.”  In fact, the New Yorker precisely nailed Obama’s religious and political loyalties on the cover of its July 21, 2008 issue, depicted on the right. 

Furthermore, while they billed the panelists as objective and presenting multiple sides to the issue, they were NOT presenting multiple sides to the issue.  They were presenting different aspects of the SAME uber-liberal side, and all were openly advocating various forms of socialism to one extent or another!

Compare that to Fox News, where their panelists are indeed well-known, and are indeed from opposite corners of the ring, where the discussions do indeed bring liberal and conservative points of view head-to-head.

MSNBC:  YOU LIE, and in the most carefully crafted and highly deceptive way possible.

Make no mistake, people:  America is headed over the FISCAL CLIFF as we speak.  We could barely afford the $9 Trillion of deficit we had when Obama took office.  Even that would have taken more than 70 years to pay off.  By comparison, the interest alone on $16 trillion that exists less than four years later is beyond America’s current ability to bear.  That 70 years has risen to several hundred years, if not forever, and Obama wants to raise it even further, to $25 Trillion, which will absolutely, totally and completely, bankrupt our nation.  Our credit rating won’t just drop to a B.  It’ll drop to an F.

There’s only one rational solution to this fiscal debacle:  Mandate NO increases to the debt ceiling without BOTH a balanced budget AND a 2/3 majority vote from both the House and the Senate.

The good news is that such a bill has been advanced on both floors of the House and the Senate!  Entitled the Budget Before Borrowing Act (H.R. 3778/S.2040), it goes about 90% of the way.