The Trump Effect – Demystified

The Trump Effect includes many things, including — really — the ability to arrive at deals appealing to most sides. However, one thing President Trump has mastered is a basic economic principle which the vast majority of political science majors find confusing, foreign, or incorrect. However, it’s not incorrect at all. In fact, it’s simply […]

Minimum wage hike makes people rich? Wrong.

When people claim raising minimum wage will help everyone, they’re not blind, although perhaps they’re simply unaware or misinformed of the economics behind minimum wage. Sharing a vivid graphic from an obviously biased source is not being objective. Both individuals and business have been reacting to changes in the business/employment economic environment in predictable ways for […]

The REAL Cost of a Minimum Wage Increase

So, you raise MW from $10.75 to $15 an hour (40%) and all workers are happy, right? No. That move will cause ALL prices to increase by 45%. Here’s how: The average employer operates on a 5% profit margin, so they don’t have much wiggle room, and and payroll comprises about 50% of their expenses. […]