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U.S. Military vs. RETIRED Military Service Members

I was absolutely flabberghasted to hear of efforts by some within the military “to subject to military trial those who have retired from active duty—in some cases, long ago—even for offenses committed while they are retired.” (Vladeck, S. (Feb 12, 2019). The Supreme Court and military jurisdiction over retired servicemembers. Lawfare. Retrieved from https://www.lawfareblog.com/supreme-court-and-military-jurisdiction-over-retired-servicemembers) Apparently, the U.S. […]


A former United States Navy Pilot (Naval Flight Officer/Aviator) asks Hillary Clinton a VALID question. As a former United States Air Force Navigator (Air Force Flight Office/Aviator) with nearly identical training, background and security clearance, I wholeheartedly concur with the point he makes: “As a Naval flight officer I held a Top Secret Compartmentalized Information […]