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Censorship: Facebook Invites It’s Own Dissolution


Facebook’s latest censorship tactic: Labeling normal, everyday, routine posts as SPAM. When I logged onto Facebook this morning, I saw not one, but three claims of spam involving posts I’ve made in recent days. Their fictitious claim: “Your comment goes against our Community Standards on spam.” Just now, I thoroughly and carefully reviewed Facebook’s Community […]

The Boogaloo Movement

Now this:  “Accused Killer Of California Cops Was Associated With Right-Wing ‘Boogaloo Movement’ ”  Source “Right-Wing?” Oh, please! They may be several things, including both “criminal” and “stupid,” but they’re most certainly not “right-wing,” regardless of how they may refer to themselves, nor are they “extreme right-wing.” They’re not right at all. They’re just wrong. Outside […]

Is California’s Failure the Future of America?


Today’s article of interest: California – The Physical Collapse of a Social State. We are getting a first hand look at what Democrat Socialism looks like: Rampant homelessness, rampant drug use, lawlessness, elitists owning all the housing, prices so out of control that the middle class is destroyed. Unparalleled regulations and extreme taxation. The state […]

Leaving California’s Cesspool of Demoncrap Failures

(The following letter was sent in by a parent who, because of the industry in which they work, cannot use their name, but wanted to make sure Governor Newsom knew of the heartbreak and damage his policies are causing California’s families.) May 20, 2019 Governor Newsom, The boxes are filled. The bags are packed. The […]

Now is the time for all good men to lend an ear…

Moderates, much less liberals, cannot hold a candle to the awesome power, glory, might and wisdom of an almighty loving God:   “The new conventional wisdom is that the greatest threat to American democracy is the person who believes that there are universal, transcendent truths, that these truths are embedded in human nature, and that […]

Liberals and Democrats – What’s REALLY Wrong with Libtards and Demoncraps?

Ok, what’s REALLY wrong with Libtards and Demoncraps? (Liberals and Democrats)   Idealism. These two categories of people, largely overlapping, have replaced any sense of reality for what they would like reality to be. Raised on Hollywood, they think that if they just believe hard enough, it’ll come to pass, and when it doesn’t, we […]