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The Vast Over-Simplification by Demoncraps


Here’s yet another brain-dead problem of over-simplification exhibited by Demoncraps: “Left good. Right bad.” They cannot fathom anything complex, which is why, to them, everything is either “us” vs “them” and they collect everything that’s “them” under the category “right-wing,” whether right, alt-right, or extreme. Just look at Wikipedia. Nearly ever article of any political […]

Fight Against the Lies, New Zealand!

gun control

New Zealand’s government is like the patient who keeps tightening the tourniquet every time his face turns blue but doesn’t realize the tourniquet is wrapped around his neck (Article). “The government had near-unanimous support in parliament…” Well, then, parliament is equally as daft as the government, ISN’T IT??? The following statement is a flat-out LIE: […]

Second Amendment Definitions: Well Regulated – Militia – Arms – Shall

Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court have continually tripped over the meaning of these four simple words: well regulated militia arms shall Their ineptitude astounds me.  The only plausible explanation is that instead of examining what the words actually mean, and supporting and defending them as required by their oaths of office and the […]