Who is Best at Running a Country? Patriots and Businessmen vs Lawyers and Career Politicians

When it comes to running a country well, you need two things:

Patriots:  These people have their priorities in order:  God, Country, and Family.  They also aren’t afraid to back down from a running the countryfight.  In fact, if you attack one or more of their priorities, a fight is exactly what you’ll get.  Unlike Demoncraps and Libturds (Democrats and Liberals), Patriots will not compromise on essential principles, nor are they in the game just for themselves.

Without Patriots, the United States of America would never have been created, nor would we have survived, much less thrived as a country.

Businessmen:  These folks understand the hard, cold realities of business, where companies don’t have the luxury of raising prices running the countrywithout competition (i.e. raising taxes) every time they need to cover their ineptitude.  Instead, they learn, often the hard way, to get it right.  In big business, you don’t just balance budgets. You’re always looking for ways to do things better, smarter, and cheaper, because that’s what it takes to stay in business and remain competitive with the ever-innovative competition.

Trump’s advantage over Hillary is two-fold:  First, he’s a LOT smarter than Obama, whereas Hillary is probably on par with Valerie JarrettObama.  Valerie Jarrett is just plain wrong on that point.  Obama is an idealistic imbecile.  The fact that Jarrett sees him as “brilliant” doesn’t say much about Jarrett.  Do we really need four years of the same?  Should we risk eight?  Yeah, I don’t think so!

Second, when Patriots and Businessmen run our country, we thrive. We prosper.  When Lawyers and Career Politicians run our country, they run it into the ground because they haven’t the slightest clue as to how to run a country.

running the country

Have you ever examined what’s on the curricula of most political science degrees?  This is the most common degree obtained by both lawyers and politicians before going to law school or entering politics.  It’s ridiculous!  It’s all but totally void of common business functions such economics, accounting, and finance, much less any technological aspect such as math, physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering.

Lacking the proper education, most lawyers and career politicians are clueless.  They know how to write law, but they don’t know running the countrywhat laws should be written.  They know how to politic their way up through the political system, but when it comes to making decisions that actually benefit society, they are literally without a clue, and are often driven by the ridiculous liberal propaganda, which is little more than a retread of the Communist Manifesto, itself craft by a blithering idiot and ignorant idealist named Marx who never once found any modicum of success in his own life.

That’s a valid source for how to run a country?  I think not!  Any historian could tell you that!

Sadly, not only do we have such lawyers and career politicians embedded throughout our government, but we also have far to running the countrymany ignorant voters who simply never learned why such policies are bad, no matter how good they sound.  As a result, these voters keep reelecting the blithering idiots back into office.

That’s no way to run a country, people.  Come on – wise up!

If I won the lottery…



If I ever win the lottery, the first thing I’m going to do is hire a lawyer to handle 100% of the transactions, thereby keeping the fact that I won completely anonymous from the public eye. I might even hire three lawyers, in layers, in case one or two layers are penetrated.

Next will be a a CPA to minimize the taxes, a CFA or CFP to help me put it where it’ll bear the greatest after-tax returns throughout my expected lifespan.

Finally, I’ll hire both a sports nutritionist and a personal trainer to help me maximize both the length and quality of my lifespan, and that’s all BEFORE we receive the check.

That’s what I’d do with the initial proceeds from my lottery winnings.  Then, the work begins:

  • Physical: At the gym every day
  • Mental: Going back to school to finish my masters and considering finishing my undergrad in engineering (I have a B.S. in Finance) followed by graduate-level work in engineering or related technical field.
That will keep me busy for the next five years, at which point I’ll use the lottery funds to open a new company to deliver fast, high-quality, yet inexpensive personal aircraft to the world.Serious, Cessna! You deliver the first new prop-driven general aviation aircraft in three decades and it STARTS at $325,000? Several of your competitors are fielding aircraft with similar seating, payload, velocity, and range for HALF that amount. That and and I think general aviation absolutely MUST switch to engines which burn jet fuel, which is both more widely available around the world, and far cheaper than avgas.
Rolls-Royce just came out with a turboprop geared towards the generational aviation market. At 225 lbs, it develops 320 shaft horsepower, perfect for turning most four-seat, high-velocity pressurized aircraft (250 to 350 kts) into fuel-sipping 16 mpg cross-country speed demons.