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Top Ten Ways to Protect Yourself Against Ebola


Top Ten Ways to Protect Yourself Against Ebola: First, let’s get one thing straight:  I CAN be spread via the air, even though, technically, it’s not an “airborne” pathogen.  Rather well-known and competent medical authorities have said so.  They’ve said, “Ebola is incredibly contagious” and is transmittable up to three feet away.  “People are getting […]

Ebola: Accident, or engineered?


The recent outbreak of Ebola in the U.S. looks like a perfect and possibly engineered segway to martial law, making horrible use of all those FEMA camps and their mass-body containers, excuse after excuse for Obama to enact many of his blatantly anti-Constitutional “executive orders” taking complete control over all utilities, water, food, and transportation, and […]