Now is the time for all good men to lend an ear…

Moderates, much less liberals, cannot hold a candle to the awesome power, glory, might and wisdom of an almighty loving God:
“The new conventional wisdom is that the greatest threat to American democracy is the person who believes that there are universal, transcendent truths, that these truths are embedded in human nature, and that they are meant to govern human life and human societies. The people who hold such views, people of faith, are now called extremists. The proper moral posture, we are told, is that of the moderate…
“Moderates reject the concept of a moral God who governs the universe, because an attachment to ultimate beliefs about right and wrong breeds fanaticism. These “abstract ideas”—such as the ancient belief in a God who defends the widow and the orphan and the unborn—have no place in the mental outlook of the moderate.”
“This moderate of liberal imagination is quite a specimen. Evidently, there is nothing—absolutely nothing—occurring in the cozy, cushioned, shrimp-and-chardonnay world of the Manhattan moderate that summons his moral imagination, nothing that offends his conscience or provokes his outrage. Nothing except those people who make moral judgments.
“Contrary to liberal delusions, no leap forward toward a more just and virtuous society was ever brought about by people lacking moral and religious convictions. Moderates and moral agnostics don’t move the world. They never have and they never will.
“If we hope to bear witness to the truths of the gospel in our generation, for the sake of our neighbors and our nation, then we must choose sides in this battle for hearts and minds. Moderation and neutrality are not options, for both involve a retreat from responsibility. Both would allow the dark forces of this world to gain ground.
“What will it be for us, ladies and gentlemen? Should we follow the Nazarene, or should we become “moderate” and “reasonable” people as the world defines these terms for us?”
Just as Patrick Henry’s “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party” was subsequently adopted by replacing “party” with “country,” so too will Dr. Loconte’s, “What will it be for us, ladies and gentlemen?” challenge.
The dark forces have already gained ground, most of it in the deceived minds of the liberal, as well as many moderates.  As God’s word says in Galations 6:7:  “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked.”  Much of moderate political thought mocks God’s word.  Certainly, nearly all of liberal thought mocks God’s word, and one need only examine the fruits of their labors to realize it doesn’t at all match the Biblical example of spiritual fruit.  Proverbs 13:2 reminds us that “From the fruit of their lips people enjoy good things, but the unfaithful have an appetite for violence.”  From the left, we have violence, rioting in the streets, infringing on the rights of others.

How To Infiltrate Demoncrap Networks and Get Them to See Reason

Yes, it’s a HUGE uphill challenge.  Most Demoncraps have been inundated with contrived news stories, tons of well-crafted lies, and volumes of misinformation from their primary brain-sucking news feeds for so long they’re no longer able to separate the chaff from the wheat, able to recognize right from wrong, what’s factual from what’s pure donkey kong, etc.
Then again, they just might be idiots.
It’s time to infiltrate the anti-American idiot’s network, and bring them down. Sign up, but please do NOT use your FB logon creds… That would require a facepalm! Instead, pick some names out of the phone book, a first name here, a last name at least several pages distant, and create a completely fictitious e-mail address (most e-mail addresses are, in fact, not representative of anyone’s actual name nor any part thereof). Then, sign up with that.
Once you’re in, post comments like, “Ok, I hear what you’re saying about X, but what about Y and Z? I mean, both Y and Z are established facts. We can’t exactly toss them out the window just because we’re trying to shove X down America’s throat, can we?”
By doing so, you imply camaraderie with the individual’s support for X (which is often largely fictitious) but are expressing genuine concern about real issues Y and Z, hopefully posted with links, which force them to read something about Y and Z, preferably from a politically neutral site, until such time as they either blink three times and realize, “Oh,” or they fall short and relapse into troglodyte “to hell with Y and Z!” fashion.
If you reach one of the “Too hell with”-ers, leave them be. As Don Quixote noted quite well, it’s like tilting against windmills.  They’re not worth your time or effort.  If you’re on FB, BLOCK them.  If you’re on a vBulletin site, put them on “ignore.”  You don’t have to advertise the fact, even though I did go so far as to put, “Ignore status:  x, y, and z” just so that those on ignore would get it, along with everyone else.
But if you reach someone what pulls up short with an, “Oh,” then you’ve come across a thinker, someone in the Demoncrap party who actually has a brain, but who has until this time simply been so absorbed into the Demoncrap pipeline, such as their 92.06% cornering of the news market such that no real, objective news ever gets through.
But you’ve managed to reach them with a bit of reality, on the Internet, via a message forum, discussion board, whatever.
Now’s the time to repeat the somewhat diminutive approach of trying to appeal to what’s left of their intellect without offending them into a full-on offensive mind-closed response such as we saw when Demoncraps galore were stealing (or trying to steal) Trump signs out people’s front yards.
Believe it or not, I find Demoncraps actually respond far better to this line of inquiry than any sort of direct confrontation that gives them an out by being able to label you as a “conservative,” “Trump-lover,” “Republican,” etc. HOWEVER, as long as you don’t cross their intellectual threshold and can actually remain “inside their reaction line,” you have a FAR greater probability of emotional and political impact than if they identify you as an outsider to the point where they cut you (and your input) off altogether.
So, when you’re signing up for these groups, please take the time to fill out your profile with comments like, “I’ve voted for every Democrat candidate since Roosevelt. The second one.” No, don’t use that one, it’s mine. 🙂
And sadly, many Demoncraps are far too gone having been sucked into the idealisms and lies of the Demoncrap party to ever see the light of reason.  I would name names like “Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton,” and many others, but to be honest, Demoncraps don’t have any sort of hold on wrongdoing within our federal government.  Countless Independents and Republicans have ABUSED their position the same as have the aforementioned names.

There are dozens of websites out there offering absolutely objective oversight given the fact that they apparently hate everyone.  Again, you’re going to have to sift through the chaff and the wheat, but at least with these websites, you HAVE chaff through which you can sift, unlike through mudstream media’s usual “slant the hell out of it” news stream.

By the way, here’s the Demoncrap Underground website from which more than half of this shit is festering like a damned wound.  Dive in, right the wrongs, and let’s nuke this propaganda shit clean off Mother Earth in it’s entirety.