Just How Pro-Gun Am I?

It’s about God-given, Constitutionally-recognized and protected rights, not merely guns. Here’s the question: Pretty much. It’s not what you own. It’s what you do with it. And the Second Amendment says “…the right to keep and bear ARMS,” of which firearms are only a part. Cannon are ARMS. Knives, swords and lances are ARMS. Tanks […]

“Arms,” not “Firearms” – Why Details Matter

Our Second Amendment never limited the term “arms” to just “firearms.” Our Founding Fathers knew this well, as period writings clearly show that “arms” is the shortened form of “armaments,” of which “firearms” was only one type, and only used when references to “arms” was limited by type to firearms. When you enter the term […]

Court Rules People Have a “Fundamental Right” to Own Assault Weapons

OUTSTANDING! From the article… In a major victory for gun rights advocates, a federal appeals court on Thursday sided with a broad coalition of gun owners, businesses and organizations that challenged the constitutionality of a Maryland ban on assault weapons and other laws aimed at curbing gun violence.  A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court […]