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The REAL Problem with Demoncraps

What is, exactly, the real problem with Demoncraps? Senator Rick Scott (FL) proposed an amendment, today. The second I read the headlines, I thought, “two-thirds vote to impeach, three-quarters vote to convict.” Let’s see what the article says… “Three-fifths majority to impeach.” No mention of the conviction requirement, so I assume it would remain two-thirds? […]

Is a Constitutional Convention Feasible?

Constitutional Convention

A friend mentioned using a “Constitutional Convention” to overturn Obamacare. Is this feasible?   My answer: I don’t think a “Constitutional Convention” is anywhere near as easy as people think. But let’s take a closer look at it, to see what it says, as well as how best to make one happen should we need […]

What is Law?


Just because some anti-American jerks who snaked their way into a local, county, state, or federal legislature pass some godless drivel does NOT make it “law.” Ours is a government “of the people, by the people, for the people.” – Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address. Our Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that law must […]