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Phooey on the Farm Workforce Modernization Act

Before I begin ripping this pork to shreds, I’ll let a politician make his case: Here’s the article… First impression: Sounds like a terrific excuse to jack up farmers — and consumers — for yet another costly program which, if they needed, they would have developed themselves long, long ago and at far cheaper cost. […]

BY LAW – Aliens Who Vote in Federal Elections MUST BE DEPORTED

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110 Statute 3009-549Public Law 104-208Title III – Inspection, Apprehension, Detention, Adjudication, and Removal of Inadmissible and Deportable AliensSubtitle C – Revision of Grounds for Exclusion and DeportationSection 347. Removal of aliens who have unlawfully voted. BY LAW, only U.S. Citizens can vote in federal elections. THUS, whether you’re an Immigrant Alien (aka LPR aka green […]