Startling Revelation about GOP vs DEM News Bias

I came across a startling study, this afternoon:


This graphic tells me FOUR THINGS:

1. Most news sources are indeed BIASED. If they weren’t , you wouldn’t see Republicans and Demoncraps feeling so differently about them. Fox News states things that pisses off Demoncraps and CNN states things than pisses off Republicans. In fact, from news sources with the greatest agreement between parties to the most disagreement between the parties:

Some Agreement: OAN, WSJ
Significant Disagreement: WaPo, Fox News and NYT
The Most Disagreement: MSNBC and CNN

I find it VERY interesting that Democrats favor news sources eliciting the most disagreement, whereas Republicans favor news sources bearing the most agreement.

In fact, the very fact that President Trump favors OAN and the WSJ, which carry the most agreement between the parties, tells me he’s a Unifying Leader and NOT a Divisive Leader. By contrast, those who favor MSNBC and CNN are Divisive Leaders. Those who favor WaPo, Fox News and NYT are still more divisive than unifying, but not by much.

2. The Wall Street Journal and OAN are the only source of news upon which both Republicans and Demoncraps share reasonable agreement. The difference of opinion between GOP and DEMS on both WSJ and OAN are roughly one-third as strong as they are on the rest. WSJ has long been rated as high in fact, high in objectivity, high in value, and low on bias. Cross-party agreement is roughly the same for OAN as it is for WSJ.

3. Demoncraps are FAR more trusting of news media in general than are Republicans. The fact Demoncraps hold WaPo, CNN, NY Times MSNBC, and WSJ in higher esteem than Republicans hold Fox News tells me Demoncraps lack discriminatory skills whereas Republicans are likely a bit too skeptical.

My Analysis:

Updated: August 21, 2020 — 2:22 pm