SIWTHEPWKWTHTD: Smart, Intelligent, Well-Trained, Highly Intelligent People Who Know What The Hell They’re Doing.

No, I’m not that. Of course not. That’s Species 8472 from Star Trek, Voyager.

God! Grow a brain!

I’m just the guy who God, I could write a litany. In fact, I AM going to write a litany, one against the incredible STUPIDITY of both people inside and outside of America who very short-shortsightedly continue to attempt to milk the benefits for short-term gains but at the expense of long-term losses to their friends, their business partners, their own countries, their families, and their own children.

To say it’s a horrendous mess would be an understatement. To say there’s a far, FAR better way would be like comparing the “works” of Alexander the Great with those of some Star Trekkian

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