SIWTHEPWKWTHTD: Smart, Intelligent, Well-Trained, Highly Intelligent People Who Know What The Hell They’re Doing.

No, I’m not that. Of course not. That’s Species 8472 from Star Trek, Voyager.

God! Grow a brain!

I’m just the guy who… God, I could write a litany. In fact, I AM going to write a litany, one against the incredible STUPIDITY of both people inside and outside of America who very short-shortsightedly continue to attempt to milk the benefits for short-term gains but at the expense of long-term losses to their friends, their business partners, their own countries, their families, and their own children.

I’m talking about Mardis Gras. They’re holding it, anyway, despite the rising threat of COVID-19.

To say it’s a horrendous mess would be an understatement. To say there’s a far, FAR better way would be like comparing the “works” of Alexander the Great with those of some Star Trekkian.

I TRIED to get LaToya Cantrell, the Mayor of New Orleans, to stop Mardis Gras. Three letters. No dice. They held it, anyway, no doubt turning the Big Easy into a nice, big, fat petri dish for spreading coronavirus all over the place. No doubt Spring Break will go on as planned, too. Idiots.

Cantrell made some comment about, “We have medical personnel standing by.” What an IDIOT! It’s not skinning your knee. It’s a DISEASE, and a deadly one at that, roughly 40 times more deadly than the flu. People have flocked to New Orleans for Mardis Gras, and if the coronavirus is present in a contagious person or people, they’ll infect others who will head home long before they experience any symptoms to infect others around the U.S. and probably the world.

Again, idiots.

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