Scientists Botch Gun Control Debate

In answer to the question, “Where does science fall on the gun control debate?” the answer is “In the trash.”

Their approach, commonly known as Delphi or wideband Delphi, only works when you’re employing subject matter experts (SME) on the issue. The title of “scientist” does NOT automatically render SME status on an issue. Furthermore, most scientists are not only less likely to be familiar with the statistics surrounding America’s use of firearms, but they’re also more likely to be members of academia, a group well-known for its heavy bias against traditional issues involving Constitutional freedoms.

I am a scientist. I do not, however, share the typical anti-gun bias of most scientists. I’ve examined this issue for six straight years, including a 30-year database of all mass shootings in the U.S., as well as all available crime and accident statistics involving firearms over the last three decades.  The results are sprinkled throughout this blog.

“My” findings do not belong to me. They belong to the realm objective reality as clearly evidenced by the facts. Those facts stand in stark, raving opposition to the scientists’ opinions in the article.

Again, if you’re going to use Delphi, you’re must start with subject matter experts. The scientists who were polled were clearly not SMEs. If they were, they never would have agreed to this approach in the first place, as they would already have known about the massive volume of facts which tell a completely different story.

Sorry, guys, but you just racked up a big, fat “F” on that one.

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