Retired Australian Police Officer on Gun Control

A retired Australian police officer responds to some of the more blitheringly idiotic comments posted by people from from all over the world, including Australia, the U.S., and many others.

I would suggest that you take up studying human history and how governments have always restricted its subjects via illegal laws to suit its own agenda. Any individual freedoms gained over the centuries have had to have been fought for where blood has been spilled through necessity in the process. Only God gives us unalienable rights, especially the right to defend ourselves, our family and our property.   

You may also consider this: Throughout all Western nations, most violent deaths and murders, are from motor vehicle collisions, knives, baseball bats, screwdrivers, lumps of heavy wood, rocks, electrocution – even by dinner fork (my own experience as a police officer) have been used to kill folks. Mass killings by firearm in this country (Australia) were, and still are, a very rare event, and that is not due to the 1997/2000 gun buyback, where only 650,000 of an estimated four million firearms of all types owned, were handed in for government payment. And since that time another estimated three million firearms of mainly long arm bolt action rifle and semi-auto pistols have been added to the count.   

Firearms are not the number one cause of violent death as any country’s ‘statistics’ will bear out. So the argument you put forward concerning numbers of firearms in citizens hands equaling mass murders, does not hold water.  

The Port Arthur Massacre of 1996, and several other prior, ‘shooting events’ in Melbourne and Sydney during the late 1980s were total aberrations of Australian cultural norms that very few seem to recognize as having been planned events or false flags, and that were events acting out a specific agenda to remove ownership of firearms from the citizenry.  

History will show the willing to learn, that when government becomes tyrannical in nature, and begins targeting its own citizenry via laws that are draconian, restrictive and designed to manipulate the unthinking into a compliance of obedience that seems normal today but in effect, and only forty years ago would have had mass demonstrations in the streets, then the means to defend against such tyranny must be removed from those the government wishes to control. If it wasn’t for the SSAA (Sporting Shooters Association Australia) becoming political after the federal government made law abiding gun owners criminals overnight, and via a stroke of the pen, then this country would not now possess the numbers of firearms that will be used if the necessity eventuates – and lets us all pray that never occurs.     

It is well recognized by any noteworthy historian that ALL governments become tyrannical over time – there are no exceptions!  

That is the history of humanity, and that we are now in – that is those who are still not asleep – a world wide event whereby governments of all persuasions are attempting to limit individual freedom through draconian and unlawful means via a contrived pandemic event.  

And remember this: When someone kills by an act of murder, it is not the weapon used that gets tried in a court of law but the murderer, because any weapon employed to kill is an inanimate object/means, used by the killer to end the life of another, so therefore, your anti-firearm/gun control hysterics, have no place in a law abiding society!

Updated: April 3, 2021 — 6:19 am