Rational Mask Mandates

To the Honorable First Last:

In response to KOAA’s coverage of parents signing an open letter seeking mask mandates in school, I felt it was necessary to summarize the roughly 1,500 crash course hours in virology, immunology and epidemiology I’ve accomplished over the last nineteen months in addition to the decades of statistical education and experience I’ve long possessed.

Please ensure the widest dissemination and adoption as a means of codifying scientifically sound and politically sane and rational policy upon which the citizens of our great city, county, state and nation can stand firm.



At this point, vaccinated kids would be far healthier if they simply contracted the virus and added to their immunity, thereby helping to extinguish the pandemic. In other words, DITCH the mask requirements for fully vaccinated kids in schools, along with fully vaccinated adults running around town, too.

Meanwhile, the unvaccinated are nearly 100 times more likely to die of Covid-19, and between 2x and 33x more likely to spread it, so they should remain masked.

Any other proposal is both ignorant of virology, immunology and epidemiology, not to mention void of a large number of cold, hard, CDC-verified FACTS:

  1. Depending upon the variety, the vaccinated are between 3% (1/33) and 50% (1/2) as likely as the unvaccinated to catch Covid-19.
  2. The vaccinated have a Covid-19 mortality rate that’s 99.3 times lower than the unvaccinated, with a proportionally lower injury rate, as well.
  3. The latest data (8/9/2021) shows overall Covid-19 mortality rates in the US ranging between 6 and 19 times (mean of 10 times) higher than that of the flu.
  4. Thus, the vaccinated have a Covid-19 mortality rate that’s 9.8 times LOWER than that of the seasonal flu.

Given the vastly reduced risk of mortality for vaccinated persons — well below that of the seasonal flu — it’s in everyone’s best interests for:

  1. Everyone for whom vaccination isn’t specifically contraindicated to be vaccinated.
  2. Healthy people who are vaccinated to be exposed to the Covid-19 variants through the normal course of their daily lives, thereby developing an even greater degree and variation of immunity
  3. Those who are so immunocompromised they can’t be given a vaccine that’s roughly 50,000 times less likely to injure or kill them than Covid-19 itself should be fitting for a full-faced mask and hood positive ventilation system to be worn when within 50 feet of any person other than immediate family members.

CONCLUSION: Ditch ALL mask requirements and mandates for the vaccinated. If they still want to mask up for personal reasons, that’s their choice, so do not interfere with that. Naturally, since anyone can spread the virus, all unvaccinated persons must remain masked at all times while in public. ๐Ÿ™‚

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT official/public policy, although it should be, as it’s far more objective, scientifically fact-based, sane and rational than nearly all of the rather politically polarized edicts from on high from both sides of the political spectrum floating around these United States of America as of the middle of August, 2021.

Updated: August 14, 2021 — 11:07 pm