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Out of all the programming languages, which ones do you think are the most valuable for a coder to know?
While I await responses to my daily job search efforts, I decided to brush up on my rusty programming skills by learning a new language or three. I’ve studied Fortran, Basic, and several scripting languages, but I haven’t had the pleasure of learning a good, object-oriented programming language, particularly one with strong ties to the Internet.
Here’s the LIst: Arduino, Assembly, C, C#, C++, Delphi, Go, Groovy, Haskell, HTML, iOS, Java, JavaScript, Lua, Matlab, Objective-C, Perl, PHP, PL/SQL, Python, R, Ruby, Ruby/Rail. Rust, Scala, Shell, SQL, Swift, VB.NET, VBA, and Visual Basic.
The answer is, “It depends.” It depends on who conducted which study, with which parameters, what city you live in, even where your interest lies.
I examined many different factors used eight different studies, weighting each factor, and came up with the following weighted results:
Language Weighted Score
Arduino – 13
Assembly – 34
C – 73
C# – 87
C++ – 116
Delphi – 13
Go – 26
Groovy – 5
Haskell – 3
HTML – 26
iOS – 4
Java – 111
JavaScript – 92
Lua – 6
Matlab – 22
Objective-C – 36
Perl – 23
PHP – 74
PL/SQL – 1
Python – 101
R – 27
Ruby – 80
Ruby/Rail – 2
Rust – 3
Scala – 31
Shell – 19
SQL – 25
Swift – 62
VB.NET – 12
VBA – 8
Visual Basic – 14
Now, if you’re read this far, here are my final choices:
– C++ (latest version)
– Java (I’ve already begun learning his i.e. I have the book and I’m a couple of chapters deep)
– Python (questionable utility, at least to me)
– JavaScript (although it’s not the same as Java, I’m a couple of chapters deep into this book, as well)
– Ruby (seems similar to Python, so if I had to learn one of them, which one should I learn, and most importantly, why?)
– PHP (I’m already familiar with it, having coded or modified several scripts in it)
– Swift (Just kidding, as that’s AppleCrap, and I don’t do Apple, as it’s various OSes only occupy 10% of the computing devices on the planet)
– Assembly (Just because my son is into robotics, and I actually programmed in Assembly language before, on a Z-100, trying to get it to do crazy stuff. 🙂
– R (I’m big into statistics)
– HTML (I’ve built several websites from scratch using HTML 3.x and 4.x)
– SQL (because I cut my eye teeth in the field of industrial-strength corporate programming by coding dBase III+’s scripting language to run statistical analyses on large data sets)
– Shell (ostensibly, something like Microsoft PowerShell, what various DOS command-line scripting programs became when Microsoft finally realized the utility of building a command-line “programming language” power users could use to automate repetitive tasks.
– Delphi (because I used to trouble-shoot programs written in Turbo Pascal, its predecessor)
My problem, as you can see, is that I have too many coding interests!
Thus, if I want to keep it to within the top 20% of the leader, as well as keep my sanity, I’ll have to limit it to just C++, Java, Python, and JavaScript.
Starting with C++, of course…

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