President Trump’s Tax Returns

Demoncraps claim Mnuchin’s refusal to hand over President Trump’s tax returns “sets up a legal battle.”

Bull Shit.

Mnuchin didn’t hand them over because IT IS NOT LAWFUL. Just because Demoncraps in Congress cry like babies about something DOES NOT make it LAWFUL.

Mnuchin is absolutely correct in that U.S. Supreme Court precedence based on the United States Constitution REQUIRES “legitimate legislative purpose.”

Crying “I wanna” is NOT a “legitimate legislative purpose.” Grow up. You’re members of Congress, not two-year olds.

Trying to dis Trump in advance of the 2020 elections is NOT a “legitimate legislative purpose.” In fact, that can get YOU impeached.

Whining about their 2016 election loss is NOT a “legitimate legislative purpose.” That’s just piss-poor all around.

Ignorance is CERTAINLY NOT a “legitimate legislative purpose,” although half of all Demoncraps feign ignorance in their attempts to get away with wrongdoing while the other have are legitimately ignorant, even though being legitimately ignorant is still NOT a “legitimate legislative purpose.”

Meanwhile, “Treasury’s denial came the same day that the House Judiciary panel scheduled a vote for Wednesday on whether to find Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress for failing to comply with a subpoena for a full, unredacted copy of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.”

Dear Demoncraps: What part of “CONFIDENTIAL” don’t you understand? Congress is NOT privy to CONFIDENTIAL information gathered by Special Counsel as presented to the Department of Justice. BY LAWONLY the United States Department of Justice aka Attorney General William Barr can make the determination what — IF ANY — information is released to Congress or to the public, and these days, with all the Demoncrap leaks for personal and party gain, the two are indistiguishable.

Furthermore, Federal Law SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITS ANY RELEASE of information involving ongoing investigations i.e. the redaction found in Mueller’s Report.

Attorney General BARR is the deciding and approving authority of what information — IF ANY — is released.


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