Prayer Without Action is DEAD

The article is straightforward: If Christians don’t personally engage in politics, it’s all over for America.

I think most Christians have a VERY BAD HABIT of praying to God that God would do all the doing.


God gives YOU the strength. He gives YOU the wisdom. He gives YOU the discernment. He provides YOU with the helpers YOU need to go knock on doors, talk with others, call up or write your local, county, state and federal representatives, legislators, executive officers and even judicial officials so that YOU can stand in the gap and make a difference.

Who rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem? God? No. God told Nehemiah to do it. Read the book of Nehemiah.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “A Republic, Ma’am — If YOU can keep it.”

It’s ALL OUR responsibility to preserve and maintain our Republic. It’s OUR job to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

This principle applies to EVERY area.

If you can’t get that through your heads, if you think God is the one who pushes buttons, then YOU HAVE BEEN DECEIVED BY SATAN and DESERVE the collapsed society you will inherit as the direct result of your lack of involvement, righteousness, discernment, wisdom, and perseverance.

Noah listened to God, then ACTED.

Moses listened to God, then ACTED.

Nehemiah listened to God, then ACTED.

Jesus, being God the Son, prayed to God the Father, then ACTED.

The Apostles listened to God the Son, then after God’s Holy Spirit came upon them, they ACTED.

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