Portland, Communism, and blitheringly idiotic/ignorant Gen Z-ers

Let’s coin a term for the Portlandian Communists:

Communisticus Inscius Insaniam

It’s what happens when parents are too STUPID to spend time with their kids and leave them at home on the Internet, instead.

Source: Is Gen Z a Socialist Revolution in the Making?

It’s also what happens when teachers who were STUPID enough to swallow the Communist B.S. over the last 70 years wound up teaching those parents and their kids.

All of them forget one thing: NO amount of force has EVER made idealism a reality until those ideals can stand on their own merit, without force.
In that regard, Communism has repeatedly been a complete and utterly abject failure and always will be.

The very fact that there are Latin terms on the books for communism means that it’s a whole lot older than Karl Marx and his associate Friedrich Engels, whom Demoncrap Communists insist were its “founders.”

Not So!

In fact, the idea of a classless, egalitarian society first emerged in Ancient Greece defined as sometime between 12th–9th centuries BC to the end of antiquity (c. AD 600). The 5th-century Mazdak movement in Persia (Iran) has been described as “communistic” for challenging the enormous privileges of the noble classes and the clergy, for criticizing the institution of private property and for striving to create an egalitarian society. At one time or another, various small communist communities existed, generally under the inspiration of Scripture. For example, in the medieval Christian Church some monastic communities and religious orders shared their land and their other property.

Does this mean Communism is Christian? Absolutely NOT. There’s a massive difference between people voluntarily sharing what they have with others in need, and a strong central government forcing the masses to part with the fruits of their labor before redistributing it to everyone evenly… Well, not so evenly, as we’ve found out from EVERY nation-wise effort at communism, where those in charge of or connected to the government always managed to continue increasing their own salaries at the expense of the masses.

Naturally, that didn’t sit well with the masses, so all communist nations develop powerful and overbearing police forces…

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